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GM Supplier Discount




I apologize if this topic has been covered a number of times already, but I did a search with the above words (in topic) and could not find anything. Is the GMS disocunt the same as the GM Supplier Discount? My company recently announced that employees could take advantage of the "GM Supplier Discount Program", But unlike the Ford Dorect program, I cannot seem to locate exact information on the amount of the discount etc.

BTW the wife test drove the Av today and loved the ride, but she is not happy with the looks. A shame she fell in love the the 'burb.

Any info is appreciated.
My company too qualifies for the Gm supplier discount program.I have used this discoutn twice in the past 3 years and it does make a big difference.With my last purchase(the AV),it knocked over 6000 dollars off the sticker. Here is how it works: You must call the 1-800 number the company provides to you and give GM your info. They then send you a letter and form for the dealer to fill out.This shows that you do get the discount.
The discount is as follows: gm employee price of said vehicle plus 3%.Which equals about the same as invoice price of vehicle minus 3%.Plus you get any rebates or special financing that Gm is offering at that time on top of it all too! It makes a really good deal for the buyer. The discount knocked off like I said $6k plus I got another $2500 in rebates at the same time too! Yuo can't go wrong by using it.
Red is right, with the $2002 cash back, a GM loyalty rebate and the supplier discount, I took nearly $7500 off the Av.

With my GMS i got about $7000 right off the top before the $2500 rebate ;D
My example is not as exciting :6:

My sticker was $36 020 and the GMS supplier price was $31 177. I have the GM invoice in hand! My buddy works for GM and agrees the discount varies widely based on model and options!! :eek:

On the other hand I did use the 0% for 60 months, so that was sweet! ;D

Bottom Line: I love this truck!!! :love: :B:
I'm in the process of purchasing an AV using the GM supplier discount. List price is 38700 with the discount it is 34000. Can I get the currently offered $2500 rebate and the 0% for 60 months or is it one or the other.
At the dealerships I did my shopping it was one or the other. I dont think this is negociable and is not related to the supplier discount.

The $2500 or 0% is the standard deal right now and the dealer will not be able to use both incentives from GM.

That does'nt mean you can't push for a better deal! GIve them your price and let the think about. let them know your visiting other dealerships offering same deal. First to take it gets your business. See what they do!

I'm not sure it's true that the normal customer incentives don't apply. When I purched using GM Supplier last November, the only customer incentive was the financing rates (which I didn't use, but which I think they did offer).

However, there was a $500 dealer incentive which transferred to the customer if using GM Supplier (I found this in a footnote on the incentives page from the Chevy web site). The dealer didn't know about this (or wasn't going to volunteer it :)), but I had a copy of the printout and got that additional $500 off.
What I meant is that you cant use both the incentive rebate and incentive interest rate.

This is unrelated to the GMS supplier discount, you can most definetely combine supplier price with either of the above but not both of the above.

Love this truck!
BlackJack :B:
FYI, the Supplier Discount price is on the Dealer Invoice, so make sure they show that to you. I had one dealer try to charger me more than the supplier price.
I bought it somewhere else.

I have bought 2 vehicles with the supplier discount. 2000 GTP, 2002 WS6, and the 2002 Z71 Av!! Got to love it.
Howdy all, Interesting stuff...this GM Supplier Discount. Is there a way to get this? Any sources would be welcome.

The new AVY is being ordered next week....thinking of the new grey Z71, very excited to say the least......Thanks y'all :cool: :B: :love:
congrats Angel sugar.....the dark metallic grey would look really nice with the darker cladding.....put some wheels and tires and you have yourself Flawless Victory
We got our Avy using the family discount ;D. The wife's brother works for GM in the Kansas City plant. What was neat was that he gave us a webpage where we could search for a certain vehicle, search for vehicles on each lot of dealers in our area, or search for a certain vehicle in the area. Gave us MSRP's versus GMS pricing also. It actually showed a window sticker with the GMS pricing including options :). That saved us a lot of time since the dealers don't like trading vehicles between each other within town. We did have to get his SS# from him, but you could get the family member, etc., to do this for you to save you some time.


Okie Ron
angelsugar said:
Howdy all, Interesting stuff...this GM Supplier Discount. ?Is there a way to get this? ?Any sources would be welcome.

Well you either need to work for a supplier, or subsidiary of GM, or have a family member that does. It's a pretty basic process. They'll call an 800 number and request some type of discount authorization certificate.