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Golf Ball Size Hail!!!


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Sep 23, 2002
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It was horrible...the sky grew dim..the wind began to howl..and small meteors began to hurl towards my AV.
I had to think quick. :eek:
I raced into the house grabbing both sets of keys......remoting starting the AV while dodging obstacles in my garage, I jumped into my Silverado.
Forgoing the usual delay to let the fuel injectors pressurize..I cranked it immediately, and almost as fast shifted into drive and shot out of the garage. Immediately I heard what sounded like small hammers striking my truck. :8: I stopped!
Now that the Silverado was providing cover...I shot to my AV then...AHHHHHH
A pice of hail hit me so hard in left a red mark through my jeans :eek:.
Ignoring the pain, I hit the windshield wipers to make the 40MPH trip into the garage as safe as possible for me and my AV. I shot forward, whipping the steering wheel to clear the passenger side mirror. I heard the tires squeal as I came to a halt. I paused...then shut off the ignition.
With the AV safe and protected, I turned and looked out onto the drive way, just to see my precious truck getting pelted time, and time again by hail as big as a raquet ball. I began to sob :cry: What have I done.
After what seemed like an eternity...the storm subsided. I went to survey the damage to my poor pickup. The dents :6:, the scratches, :C: the broken window :7:. And just then I looked to the garage where my AV sat safe and sound. :love:
All is good. ;D

The hardest decision I have ever had to make.

Poor Poor Silverado..... but at least the Av was safe!!!

We had tornados here, including one that hit the site of our upcoming GTG... Side Pockets... :cry:
Sorry to hear about your truck hope it looks good as new when you get it repaired. Dwayne & Lois.
I wasn't quite so lucky. Set to fly out of Kansas City International enroute to Chicago, had stopped in Walmart to buy a book. Hailed for at least 20 minutes, BIG HAIL! Tornado just four miles away in the Woodlands area. Herded like cattle into the center of Walmart, under blankets and stuff. Waited out storm, all the while thinking about my AV being beaten by Golf Ball sized hail! I wasn't worried about dying, just living with a Dented up AV! Storm passed, went to survey damage....

One paint chip on hood! That was ALL! Many of the vehicles by mine were a mess, but just one paint chip! Yes, THE AV IS HAIL PROOF!!!!

For those of you familiar with the KC area, one of the Tornados missed Cabela's by a few hundred feet. Dropped down on just the other side of I 435.

I feel sorry for your Silverado, but I'd make the same decision!
Thanks MacMan.

It was really a no brainer as far as moving the vehicles. But that truck and I have been through hell and back. 157,000 miles and still running like a champ. It sucked to have to subject it to that.

Gald your AV made it out OK.
The tornado here missed us by about a mile or so. Hope that luck holds.


BTW..Thanks for the note Dwayne. Glad you guys made it ok.


Come to Texas where we mention SOFTBALL size hail several times a year.

As for the AV being HAIL PROOF....I think Digital_X might disagree with that.
Yes, I have 3 vehicles and a 1-car garage on my house that was being used for storage but my driveway is covered with trees above. When the hail started coming down I grab some blankets and covered my AV and my Surburban. My AV was my first concern since it newer-it sustained about $1200 worth of damage and my Surburban about $1000 in about 5 minutes time.
Most of it was hood damage-I am going to purchase a cover to prevent this in the future. I considered myself lucky most of my neighbor?s cars were heavily damaged. :cautious:

Here's the link to the cover I'm planning to purchase in case anyone whats to check it out. The Evolution 4 is a heavyweight cover with 4 layers.
Poor Silverardo :cry: ?Sometimes you gotta make sacrafices. ? ?I was really worried about the storms last night the news was saying golf ball size hail!! ?Fortuantly it never came near my area but the rain was almost blinding. ?No matter how much we all love our trucks, there still just trucks, they can be fixed people cannot, glad to hear no one here was hurt during all of this. ?Begining to wonder if someone is filming a movie around here. ?Has anyone seen my little dog....toto where are you boy. ?If I see one FN flying monkey Im outta here ;D

FSUGUY said:
Come to Texas where we mention SOFTBALL size hail several times a year.

Northern Colorado is also the target of the big stuff. None this year yet, but when I moved to Colorado in 1979, a child was killed by a softball sized hail stone :-[.