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Good/Bad Dealers In North Dallas?


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Jun 6, 2002
McKinney, TX
Before I start doing some serious shopping, I was curious if anyone else had any good OR bad experiences with dealerships and dealer-mechanics in the North Dallas area? I'd like to give my business to those who make sure to take care of their customers, and avoid the possible problems that others have already seen if I can.

I've been going to El Dorado Chevrolet/Mazda for service on my current vehicle and they seem ok so far though nothing particularly good/bad to say about them really. Any tips from others in the area?


IMHO(being PC here)


Van's and James Wood are average...Please let me know if you find a good one.
I've had good treatment from Reliable in Richardson so far...

Actually, El Dorado is where I bought two Suburbans prior to getting my AV. One of their salesmen (Tom Hoctor) is outstanding. He always took the time to let us test drive anything and remembered both of us 7 years after buying the last Suburban. He earned big points w/ the wife for treating her nice and answering in her comments/questions even though I was the one in the drivers seat for the purchase. In fact he is the one who put me on the the Av. I would have bought from him again, except that when I was really ready and called he said all of his 2500 Av's had sunroofs (this is a show stopper for me due to my height). When we wanted to know if some more were comming soon and explained that we had located one at another dealer, he said he would have liked our business but that if they had one we wanted, grab it. This was a refreshing attitude from a salesman. So we did - it was Kay Watson at James Wood in Denton. She was actually decent as well. Enough so that I would ask for her again if I went up there for another vehicle.
PS, forgot one big plus on both Tom and Kay.

Neither of them even tried to talk me out of a 2500 (few or none in stock) by telling me that a 1500 really would do anthing I asked of it. (y)

Tom didn't even question my desire for 2500 back in 94, he happly took my order even though they had a lot full of 1500s. When it came in and he drove it around for the make-ready, he said that combination made for the nicest driving Sub he'd ever been in. He always remembered me and my truck whenever I came across him, even some seven years later.

Kay asked, but when I said that I had a 2500 Sub w/ 454 and 4.10s now and didn't see buying anthing less, she agreed with me saying something along the lines of once you get used to that level of power there is no going back. They had one 2500 in a lot full of 1500s and made me a good deal on it ($20 less than the figure I had in my mind) plus gave me what I wanted for my trade in (the 94 Sub).

Naylor99 said he had good luck w/ Reliable in Richardson. Can't quibble w/ his experience with them but it's better than mine. My wife bought a new Citation from them when they were called Late. The car actually was OK but every time we go in there we both feel the need for a shower afterwards because they were/are still so Herb Tarlick slimy. :8:

Seriously though, I can recommend Tom w/o reservation.
We bought ours from El Dorado. Overall, they haven't been too bad, with the following exception.

Wife took the AV in for leak repair. Dealer has always provided loaner if vehicle requires overnight stay. Anyway, she gets there at noon, & they say they can?t get to it until late in the day or in the morning. They tell her to leave and bring it back at 5pm. & they will start on it late today or in the morning. When she asks about a loaner, they say she can?t have one unless they keep it 24 hours, & if they don?t get it back to her tomorrow night, she can have a loaner then. Car is less than 2 weeks old & still has the paper tags.

After my call to the Service Mgr. They change their tune & have her return the AV and get her loaner. Am I being unreasonable? It?s a $40K vehicle, and it?s not like I was asking for a Vette as a loaner.

We have bought 2 Suburbans from the same dealership & have never had this problem before.

In their defense, they did fix the leak. And they even sold me the GM Nerf bars at 10% over cost after I told the parts Mgr. about the deals from the Sponsor dealers.

I wouldn't p**s on Reliable if the building was on fire, but that is another story...