Got stuck in a puddle!!!


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Hey all, so we were out doing some predator hunting going slow through a field and enter a small puddle. I go to spin the tires a little and get up and out and nothing happens. Traction light comes on, no juice, so then I try holding down the trac button and disabling both. Even with both disabled it did not want me to send power to the tires.  I could floor it and it would slowly roll em up.

By small puddle I mean literally my two buddies got out and pushed and we were free.

Truck is a black diamond LT 2wheel drive. It says I have a differential locker. What's the deal? What do I need to do? Always turn off all trac if I leave pavement? Or just hit the button would that work better?  Thought it would do better with the locker.  Help!! :help: 

And if I had ever realized how awesome the walk through into the bed is for hunting I would have bought an older 4x4!

Goal is to unload my black diamond and hopefully find a low miles 4x4 with the 6.0. When I bought it I had $ and planned on using it to tow my Razor for hunting. Fell on hard times. No razor. But trying to stick with the Avy. Couldn't imagine driving anything else.


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I must say I have been in some pretty sicky stuff in my 09 with 5.3 and its 2wd. I made it through a 8 inch deep section the was about 50 feet long. I had all traction stuff off and also had stabilitrak off. Granted I did start about 30 yards and managed to hit 30 and never let off the throttle the whole way through and about 80 percent in I was moving maybe 3 mph total and barely made it out with a lot of poop spraying around but I made it. UMMM maybe the electronics in your rear end werent working right. Or it could be that you shouldve put it out of TC and Stablitrak as soon as you got into any mud at all. I know as soon as I get off pavement I do, even if its grass or rocks or whatever I do it because I usually never know what I am gonna get into