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Got The Birdie For Driving An AV


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Jun 11, 2002
Littleton, CO
Talk about disrespect. Tonight, as we were waiting in a long line at a light, we got the birdie for owning an Avalanche. No surprise that it was a little Honda that these people were driving that we could have crushed anyway ;D! The worst part was that we left them space to turn into a parking lot and instead of getting a friendly wave, the result is the birdie :mad: :7: :8: :9: :C: :D:! Don't worry, the favor was returned.

That was especially surprising because we've gotten nothing but praise and curiosity for the AV. I don't mind. I don't care what bad things other people really think just as long as I like it and of course I do. I've heard of a lot your AVs being keyed (I don't ever want to see that on ours) and the story of the eggs. Have any of you had similar experiences with getting flipped off?
I would expect that from someone in California but Colorado? Not to put people down from California, I'm from California, but I never would have thought Colorado. I'm sure it was AV envy.
:8: The NERVE :8:

:7: I'm sure it was pure jealousy :7:

Think that I would just consider the source...

:B: :B: AvZee :B: :B:
No birdies or keying, but I did get egged the other day. However, I don't think the Av was singled out. We were having dinner at a friend's house, and the Av was parked in the street. Later that night we left, and as I was driving down the street I thought it odd that there was an egg carton in the middle of the road. The next morning in the light I could see where it was hit on the cladding: a smear of dried egg white, and little bits of shell.

My guess is some punks going down the street and hitting anything. When they ran out of eggs, they just tossed the carton in the street. Such cute little darlings... :7:

-- SS
i've gotten the bird in colorado :mad: i moved here from wisconson and let me tell you some people here are a little off (in thier driving). i drive about or just over the speed limit (unless on a road trip .... then its 10 over no matter what) cuz i like getting good mpg. on the interstate (I25&I70) i'll just hang out in the right lane and mind my own biz. you would not believe the number of people that will tailgate me (to the point where i cant see the roof of thier car). then pass me and make funny hand signals (the bird, fists, ect). i guess they didnt notice the other 1-2 lanes that are just to the left of me ??? i dont mean to give states bad name cuz i know a few drivers dont mean a whole state is bad. most of the a@#hole drivers here in colorado have cali or texas plates. cali drivers can be darn right rude and see to be in a grandprix or something. texas drivers are better but they all vaca here. most of the time they just drive slow in the middle or left lanes.

ok i'm done ranting ........ sorry about the rant ;D
CoAvZ71 said:
Have any of you had similar experiences with getting flipped off?
I've found that many times when you get this kind of 'feedback' from someone, it's usually a reflection of something going on in their own lives. ?:eek:

A little off topic: I haven't gotten 'the bird' while in the Av yet, but the birds seem to love my Av -- especially the shiny reflective front end. It seems like I'm always cleaning bird guano off the front after birds have been using the Av as a mirror. ? :6:
As a Colorado resident, I'm guessing the Anti-SUV crowd . . . of which I think there is an active chapter in the tree-hugging, tofu eating city of Boulder. Wierd folks in that town . . I stay outta there in my Av!

i agree with the boulder comment >:D i saw a very cool sticker on a car that said 'free boulder' and it had the same graphics as the free tibet stickers ..... hehehe.
It was in a bad part of Denver (Federal Blvd. for those of you who would know). ?It was a Hispanic male who was probably 20 years old, so he was either anti-SUV or anti-American. ?With the exception of Blueruck ;), Boulder is full of crazy people, but it's a beautiful town. ?Come to think of it, there was some idiot driving a Ford Ranger who gave us the finger and a long blow of the horn in Boulder (Flagstaff Mountain) too. ?And yes, people do drive fast around here. ?Maybe that's why the interstate speed limit is 75!
me? get the bird in california? wait is that what it's called with you lift just your middle finger? ooohhh... here i thought everybody was saying i was number 1! :8: :7: :9: :D: :8: :7: :mad: :3: :7: you know... some of those toyota and dodge drivers are pretty harsh.. never had a problem yet with some body driving a ford F-150-350, pretty weird to me. anybody else notice a sertain breed of owners are a little more harsh on you then others? i just got back from driving in san fransico... i lost count of how many little cars flipped me off cause my av didn't fit in one lane... not my fault you know... there was a toyoda tundra doing the same thing... but i saw no birds being given to him.. and he was 4 cars ahead of me... i don't get it sometimes. piece

Just wanted to leave a little advice on what to do when someone flips you off. I developed this little "theory" having driven in Vancouver, BC, Canada (drivers there are especially rude... I'm in Silicon Valley so that's saying something).
What I do is pretend not to see them flip me off or pretend not to understand what they are doing (seems far fetched, but stick with me here... this has worked EVERY time... thankfully I've only been flipped off 4 or 5 times in my life). Then I drive beside them, lower the appropriate window, and point to one of their wheels (the back works best) and, putting my hands flat together in a horizontal manner, indicate to them that they may have a flat tire. In other words, make it look like I'm being helpful. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries for them to catch on, but, I love seeing them pull over on the side of the road to check it out! Works EVERY time! ;D ;D ;D
I know it isn't much of a defence system... but hey, it shaves a good 2 to 5 mins off of their time... :B:
Awesomebase, if you tried that here in South Florida, someone's liable to salute ya with a handgun. Here that's interpeted as a challenge...You guys think Colorado has rude drivers? Come on down to Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and give it a try... 45MPH in the HOV lane on I95 (limit is 65 most places) left turn signals for right turns (if they even do THAT much), no signals for lane changes. Not to mention cell phones.... or dodging aircraft landing on the highway (happened 3 times the past month) or the young lady I saw westbound on I595 the other day reading a book... yep, a novel, behind the wheel, center lane.... then a little weave to the left, weave to the right etc... Gettin' the bird? No problem! >:D
wrchism said:
As a Colorado resident, I'm guessing the Anti-SUV crowd . . . of which I think there is an active chapter in the tree-hugging, tofu eating city of Boulder. ?Wierd folks in that town . . I stay outta there in my Av!

Now WRCHISM - Here I thought we were online bud's and then you go and ding the town where I live - no offense taken - there are some freaks here :)

ColoradoAV - they were just upset because you didn't have your AV lowered :)
I'm a native of Colorado and lived in Boulder for 17 years...

I moved to Oregon exactly 5 years ago when Denver became a CLONE of L.A. ! NO REGRETS!!!

The only rude drivers in CO are from out of state (which is now the majority)! Wait until the snow starts to fly and the cars start to skid. Then the Texans and Californians wish they were "back home!"

'nuff said!
AVYNUT said:
?Wait until the snow starts to fly and the cars start to skid. ?Then the Texans and Californians wish they were "back home!"

'nuff said!

LOL! and I mean this is the most inoffensive way. I have kin in CA and TX was great when I was stationed there...only place at the time that measured distance in six packs! "How far is it to Amarillo?" About a six pack and a half..... ;D I know, off the topic, but I wander now.....
Blueruck . . . there are exceptions to every rule . . and in Boulder, I'd say you were the exception. My daughter went to CU for a couple of years, so my wife and I spent a bit of time in your town. Also did some rock climbing in the flatirons back in the '80's, and hung out in various bars on the Pearl Street Mall or around campus afterwards. In many ways, it's a neat town, but it seems that the 'wierd' factor has been growing over the years.

Lets see, what will the rioters burn after the CU/CSU game this year since they've outlawed couches (everyone's favorite bonfire fuel) on porches?

So please, take no offense! Folks say us up in Greeley are a bit addled too from the constant exposure to 'agricultural odor' ;D ;D



Very devious AwesomeBase, I love it! What is your success ratio in getting them to pull over?
ColoradoAV, Don't let them get to you. I have gotten that a bunch of times. They just wish they could get such a nice truck. ;)

Maybe they were thinking you were going to hurt the poor little Honda ;D If you were in it would you like to see that big bad avalanche in your rear view!! >:D
wrchism said:
So please, take no offense! ?Folks say us up in Greeley are a bit addled too from the constant exposure to 'agricultural odor' ? ;D ;D



Wayne - No offense taken - I was just giving you a hard time - wish you were going to NM this weekend - I am the only CO guy going. I will have to be careful about my TX comments with all those Texans going to NM :)

Now for those not from CO, CO people like to joke about TX & CA people - since I served on the USS Texas, I am loosely connected to TX. ;)
Okay... sorry that this is a little off-topic, but I have to agree with Ghost about S-FLorida drivers. Here's a little story so that you can all understand what we have down here.
A police officer friend of mine was cruising along when she noticed a large car ahead of her weaving down the 4-lane. She pulled up and turned on her overheads (lights) when she noticed... there was NO DRIVER !!! So she moves along to the driver's side just in time to see a head pop up above the steering wheel and go back down :eek:... seems someone's Grandma was on her way to the mall, but she was too short to see over the dash, and she could only pull herself up above the wheel for a few seconds. When she finally pulled over (several miles)... she just didn't understand why the officer had stopped her.
Now just imagine that your loved-one was in the path of that --- thank God no one was hurt !!!! Welcome to Florida !! ;D

thats pretty scary! i know one of my friends was telling me about how her grandma has to use 2 mirrors on the underside roof area to see out the window... one to project the image... and another to correct it. how does she merge? we never did know. but i do remember my friend telling me (sadly) that her g-ma was killed in a car wreck about 2 months after she started driving again. :cry: as bad as a felt, something inside of me keeps saying, i could have told you that was going to happen. :8: