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Great New AV Owner Story..


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Aug 1, 2002
Madera, ?Ca.
I am not sure this is the right spot for this post but it does involve supporting members. Yesterday I received am IM from a new AV owner in my town. It was the first time he was on the site. Later I called him to let him know what a cool site and what a cool truck he just purchased. He had a great story to tell me. He said that he and his wife were taking her dad to look for a new vehicle about 20 miles from our town. They looked at everything and thought that the AV might work just fine for all of the father-in-laws needs. While driving home about half way they both looked at each other, talked a bit and called dealer back on the cell phone and told them to fill the Arrival Blue Z66 with gas. They were going to go back and buy it for themselves. What a great Av story. THen he gets on our site and the first time he visits, he becomes a supporting member. Please welcome Madpatch to our group.
Welcome Madpatch, Your going to love this site alot. justme told us about this site and my wife and I love it. We get alot of good ideals from here. Madpatch if you need anything just as and someone will be happy to help you. And congrats on your AV.
Great story tractman...welcome to the group madpatch...enjoy the experiences and input from everyone on this fantastic site...let the modding begin!! ;D

Gregg :)
Thanks for the welcome Tractman and everyone else. We made a great choice, and now the rest of the story....My father in law visited this past weekend from San Diego. He fell in love with the AV especially after a ride to the local casino when he had the time to ask all "what's this" and "what does this do" questions. He is a died in the wool Ford guy and has been for about 40 years but has contacted his local Chevy dealer to enquire about a new AV. I will keep you posted on where he goes from here.

We will have lunch very soon Tractman, until then you all be safe and take care.

:DNow we know the rest of the story. I did drive by and see your new AV Madpatch. I love the Arrival blue. We will get together soon and talk AV STUFF!!!!
Mudpatch, mate that is a great story which I can relate to also. My step father is a dyed in the wool Ford fan also and has has watched the ever groing procession of GM vehicles that I have. He is always itching to find an excuse to drive my cars.

"Son you blocking the drive, I'll just take your car" sort of thing. Give me a few more years and I think I'll have him. (y)