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Green Hotwheels AV Is Real!


SM 2003
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Sep 23, 2002
Guess whats guys? I saw it... the sema 's hotwheels green av!! and I got the photos to prove it. enjoy.












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Just another day of chasing down av's to tag them. :rolleyes: He said he will check our website out soon. see ya.



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Nice shots BIGRED_Z7-1
avz66 said:
Nice shots BIGRED_Z7-1

I'm sure it was funny to watch me limp on cruches on the side walk trying to get photos... then to hop in my truck and watch a red av pull god only knows how fast to catch up to him on 10 to get those shots.... then to watch me flag him down... other cars had to be thinking.... fast and furious part II ;) nothing like a days work.

Great photos and pursuit story. Sweet ride. Is he a HotWheel fan? work for them? There has got to be a story behind this specific of a mod. I don't think we will see it in Moab but it would be great to see them out on some cruises, and GTGs!

I have to admit that I, too, looked for the yellow sticker in the rear window. Though I noticed the DRL's were factory white.

Did you not have a club flyer for him ;D do you know if thats a personal driver now our what? Excellent pics, I could only imagine you hobbeling along trying to catch that green machine.

Hey BR where do he live out of ? Will be looking for him to join our Local club . That would be an awsome truck to have at any GTG !!! Wondering if it is a corp truck though .
That would be the truck done by http://www.starbuckscustoms.com/ a 2002 AV project vehicle.

It's also one of the sponsor for the MEGA meet http://www.socalav.com/mega/Sponsors.html
I read about this truck in a magazine a while ago. Believe it or not, but this is the first WBH. The guy who came up with the concept of this truck thought of taking the cladding off way before GM did. The bed cover panels are even painted. He had to do alot of fabricating.

I realize this thread is a little old, but I just want to update it.

This truck was created by Starbucks Customs in Corona California. It was sponsored by Hot Wheels.

The vehicle is no longer sponsored by them, nor is it green.

It is now sponsored by Al & Ed's Auto Sound. It is one of the most tricked out vehicles I've seen. There is barely anything stock on this AV. There are so many mods to this truck, it would take pages to list. The interior has been radically modified. This truck has so much bling, it takes a long time just to see it all. I really like the gas cap mod the most tho'. You gotta' see that. Very clever.

Anyway, the most important part of my post is:

Starbucks Customs is a sponsor of the SoCal Mega Meet. The Starbucks AV will be at the event for all to enjoy, and they are donating to the raffle also. (not the AV tho')

If you aren't registered for the meet, you are going to miss a great event.

:B: :cool:

That's an interesting and cool AV.

I checked their site and they have some really cool stuff and some hot looking women too. They do seem to be a bit flame happy though. Did these guys play with matches as children? ??? A LOT? >:D

They do AWSOME work though.