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So im back from vacation early....ill tlell u all about it on a nother post buttttttttttt saturday night my dad told me to get the truck....... we were eating at this place called murphys loft and well i got the truck and i was waiting in front of it waiting for everyone to come out n this guy walks out and comes over to the truck and goes is it yours....and i go yea....and he goes nice i like it i go thank you and he walks away so my uncle who works for hoem depot in liek advertising and like picks who they sponsor and he comes over to me and is like you DO no who that is and i go ummm no he goes thats Greg Zipadelli <--spelling and i go ok who is that and he goes that s tony stewarts crew chief :) :love:

Greg's lastname corrected by admin ;D
Tony Stewart, the NASCAR guy?

Pretty cool!

I was at Spring Break in Panama City this year. ?I'm hanging out on the beach, waiting for my g/f to come back. ?It's all busy with random people walking all over the place, just really spread out. ?I'm like the only one not moving about. ?

I look over, and this tallish, muscular, (football player type) black guy comes walking over near me. ?He's being followed by about three people, one had a camera, and they all had MTV 'pass' looking things around their neck. ?He stops about 10 feet away from me, kinda looks at me and poses like, "don't you know who I am?" ... and then he walks away.

Me? I have no $^%#&* idea who it was. ?I kinda looked at him with raised eyebrows, like, "Yeah? ?...So?" ? :p

About 5 minutes later, I see a HUGE crowd of people just swarm around him, and everyone is yelling "YEAAH, SPRING BREAK! ?WHOO!", ?:2: (in their typical brainwashed fashion) for the camera.... ? :rolleyes: ? ?
You mean this guy shown here?

You must have been close to the Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, PA. He couldn't have wandered too far from the track, given the race was Sunday.

I took this pic of Greg last year at the Pocono race.
Yea our house is in the poconos..... i think the road is 80 the raceway is right off of there and so is outr lil village place that the house is in