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Grinding Noise When Turning Right On 2500



I found a "WATCH OUT FOR THIS" on the 2500. ?This will not apply to the 1500, because your Av do not have leaf springs. ?I lowered my 2500 in the rear by using longer shackles. ?Now when I turn right over a curb, I get a loud grinding noice. ?Looked everywhere for the problem and found it. ?Near the front shackle on the driver side leaf spring, there is a small bolt protruding from the frame that is very very close to the spring. ?When I lowered the rear of my truck, turning right over a curb (axle is no longer parallel to truck body), the bolt would rub against part of the spring, hence the grinding noise. ?I just cut off 1/4" of the bolt and no more noise. ?This same bolt may effect your 2500 if you raise the beast or if you are hauling heavy load and the springs are compressed. ?So....WATCH OUT FOR THAT BOLT.....