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Ground Effects Package?


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Mar 17, 2002
While at the Chev dealer talking about a cladless AV, I saw an option for a ground effects package. If I remember right it was option code GMP. It listed a front air dam, window deflectors, and something else that I can't remember. Ever heard of it?

BTW the option code WBH without body hardware( no cladding) is not available yet. It was not listed as an option. Go figure.... ???
I have been wondering for some time where I could get the front air dam (or chin spoiler or whatever it is called.)

Any info or part number will be much appreciated.
The Code is GND and it includes Front Air Dam and mud flapps not prices yet should have them any day also the claddless AV will not be avalable tell Feb. but there are pics of it in the new brochure
On the 03, cladding is now called body hardware. I guess the protection package has gone to ground effects with chin spoiler.