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GROUND FORCE Lowering kit special


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Dec 13, 2004
I attended the 4wheel parts show at our convention center over the weekend and a Ground Force vendor sold me a kit for my 03 Avalanche Z71 for $496.00. I was sold when he advised me that Ground Force was going to take care of the install and the work will be under warranty through 4wheelparts. Does anybody know or have pictures with this setup or know how it handles? He told me most dealerships use his product and Jarrett Gordon Ford in Florida uses this suspension set up on their trucks. He sold me kit #9972 which is 2" in the front and 2.5 in the rear. I know it's not a drastic drop but I'm running 26" wheels and didn't want to have to worry about rubbing. If you're in the market to buy a kit, you may want to attend there next show in Georgia. Check them out at  www.4wheelparts.com