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H2 Spotting


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Jan 15, 2002
Philly area
I didn't know they were actually selling yet. I saw a black one yesterday on a local highway. Definitely different looking on the road! Pretty cool, albeit pricey. I've seen it in yellow at a car show, but I think the black looks much better.
I need to drink a few glasses of water to replenish body fluids after drooling for so long over an H2, especially the yellow one on the commercials.
Saw a print Ad over the weekend of a "Pickup" model......WITH a Midgate!
I always see one at our local Caribou Coffee and there are 2 silver/pewter ones in the general area that I see once a week or so.

I parked next to a black one at Menards here in Pewaukee. It made my AV look like a Hot Wheel. It was taller, wider and the tires were bigger. It made me really want a lift kit or an H2....I would prefer a lift kit.
Have seen a white one at the limo rental place, and have seen a yellow one traveling south on the Parkway....have yet to see the interior up close and personal....I would like to see the ergonomics...of this hummer... :B:
ZimmsAv said:
I've seen half a dozen or so around here in MI. ?Too boxy for me :9:
I agree Zimm. I think the pick-up version will be a lot better looking. I believe it is called the SUT, and will have incorporate a midgate. I have been told, however, that the bed length will only be 7' with the midgate down. That fact (and the $$$) means my Avalanche's tenure in my driveway is secure. ;D
Steelheadchaser said:
I agree Zimm. I think the pick-up version will be a lot better looking. I believe it is called the SUT, and will have incorporate a midgate. I have been told, however, that the bed length will only be 7' with the midgate down. That fact (and the $$$) means my Avalanche's tenure in my driveway is secure. ;D
Thanks for the confirmation....I new that it was shorter than our midgate/bed length... (y)
these things are getting popular here in VA. i have been seeing more, and more of them. i saw two with in 30 seconds of each other on the road. one that evening at the gas station. :B:
I've seen a bunch of them running around here in San Jose, CA. I had a chance to check them out, they were showing about 5 or 6 of them at the mall (Santana Row).
On the outside they look pretty burly...a bit on the feminine side compared to the H1...nice big bubble tires. I don't really dig the interior though. The full size spare tire sits upright in the cargo area, thus obstructing the rear view. I'd put the spare on the roof or sumpin. But it's a Hummer and you'll get plenty of looks.
I saw a LPM and a Yellow H2 driving on Oahu. There is a Black H2 at a Honolulu dealership. And there is at least one limo Hummer here also.

Murman :cool:
These are all over the place around here. I would rather spend the same 50k and get a good used H1.
They are real popular in Chicago area. See one almost every day lately. Kinda boxy, but in a good way. Don't think a Hummer that looks like that new Nissan bubble would go over to well.
They're boomin' in Fresno Ca- that's for sure! Everyday I see at least 2 and they seem to be thriving in the yuppy areas the most. You couldn't tell there is a recession here! Maybe all the gas station owners are buying them. I saw one the other day with a license plate that read "SICK H2" Then I recall that sick is slang for bad a#$......whatever. I stood in a parking lot just b4 leaving a resturant one night a few weeks ago and watched what seemed to be the financial looking type guy, curb his H2 3 times b4 finally negoiating a tight parking stall. And the cake taker is .... the H2 with the license plate frame that read "Stay in School and You Could Have One Too" IMHO, the only thing GM forgot to put on the side of these H2's is the word BRINKS! ;D

Who's supporting terrorism again?
Lemme tell you about the H2...

First of all, it's a bit better off road than the Av. That said not many H2s will see dirt (and more but still not many Avs see dirt either). However, the H2 is even wider than the Av - this SEVERELY limits the trails and places you can take it off-roading!

The H2 has 315/75R-16 BFG All-Terrain T/A KO tires on it (same as what I have with my 6" RCD-lifted Av).

The Av has a MUCH nicer interior than the H2 has. Well, unless you LOVE PLASTIC cuz the H2 has TONS of PLASTIC.

The Av is a MUCH more flexible vehicle in terms of versatility. The H2 owners only WISH their H2 could do 1/2 of what the Av does.

The H2's interior space is somewhat "short and wide." The height of the vehicle (interior space) is noticably shorter than the Av. With the full-size spare located in the rear, the H2 has a severe shortage of usable space inside. And if the spare is mounted on the outside, well then it looks like it's got a black rubber life raft hanging off the ass end.

I do like the H2 and I tried like hell to convince myself to buy one. After I've had my Av in Death Valley and loaded it up with 4x8 sheets of maple plywood and then sheet rock and a Sago Palm tree (removed the last panel to let it stand up tall), and a wheel barrow, etc., there's no comparison - it out pick-up trucks a pick up and out-versatiles an H2.

Go sit in an H2. Go drive one. You won't be sorry you saved at least $15,000 and bought an Avalanche instead. Trust me, the Av is the H2 owner's worst nightmare (if they drive one after they own an H2 they will be sorry!). Other than off-roading capabilities, the only real "value" right now to the H2 (in my opinion) is the unique-ness. But that's right now - give it another year or two and you're gonna see them in the dealers' lots looking for buyers!
I believe the H2 is going to be one of those "niche" vehicles that everyone must have....parade around with..show to their executive friends..etc....wait for the next best thing since sliced bread to come out....and move one..... ;D
I remember going to a dealer and him telling me in july that he had a waiting list three pages long for the H2's

today I was drivng and passed the dealer to see he had 8 h2s sitting on the lot for sale... a couple of yellow ones too .... I guess H2 sales have slowed down
One of our local Dealers has several H2's, and also a few H1's. (I didn't realize they were still being made). The only H1 I looked at the sticker on was a Turbo-Diesel, soft top, pickup style bed for $101,000! :rolleyes:
H2's ranged from $55k to $58.
Down here in New Orleans...they selling like crazy. I see one almost every day. Almost got one instead of AV...but the extra 10k or wasn't exactly justifiable. Niether was gas mileage!!!

But i'd still like one, one day. Or rather the original H1 when i'm rich.
I see them everyday and all the time here in Houston. No waiting list at the dealerships here. They usually have about 5 on the lot all the time.