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Has Anyone Changed Their Accessory Outlets?


Full Member
Mar 16, 2003
Calgary, Alberta
I have an 03 - 2500 with two 12V accessory outlets in the dash. Both of these outlets are on even when the vehicle is off.

Has anyone made modifications to have one or both of these outlets come on only when the vehicle is on?

I have an idea of what I might do but any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys,


I don't have the service manuals yet!!! Helm Inc. still does not have them in stock almost 3 months now!!!!
But, an easy mod to do would be to install at relay where the 12VDC supply is going through the contacts on the relay ( I think its 30 and 87 ) and tap the coil to one of the wires that is only ON in Run mode.... ( 85 and 86 )

cutthroat- I have not done what you are requesting, but I did run all kinds of new power lines to that general area. What I did is probably overkill for what you want, but you can read about it here and here.

Also, if memory serves, there is a spot in the fuse box by the side of the dash for rear wipers. Since we don't have rear wipers, I'll bet this would be a good location to get power that is switched with the ignition.
My power outlet needs to be replaced. On a long trip, my power inverter plug vibrated loose and melted the outlet wires! This is the one with the flip cover. I can not figure out how to get the original one out.