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Has Anyone Had Trouble With AutoTrimDesign?


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Apr 25, 2003
Alpharetta, GA
And how did you get it resolved?

I bought the third brake light, rear gate domed letters, and set of 4 cladding decals. I had a problem with one of the read gate letters not releasing... emails have gone unanswered....

Also, I am very unhappy with the cut out letters in the third brake light... NO WAY to get it to look right... just now found a post be them here about applying wet. Not happy about that either... seems a bad design. AND if the apply wet method is the only way to get it right, seems they could put those in the box with the decal...

Anyone else? -Carl
I have sent a number of emails today, most have been returned from their server as undeliverable.... I sent them from their own website... using their own links...

I am starting to regret my purchase decision.
I have ordered the cladding decals from them and have even returned an additional set without any problems. (ordered the wrong color)

I received an e-mail from the yesterday. Maybe their server is down today.

I also ordered the brake light decal. I did not like it after I installed it, so I took it off.

I have gotten pretty good customer service from them so far.
Hope this helps some.
I ordered decals, 3rd light decal [yes, they agree the instructions could be better and if you look at earlier threads they even added a message trying to correct the problem], Avalanche side decals, and numerous other decals from AutoTrimDesign without any problems. I had to replace a torn/damaged decal by postal service and had 100 per cent positive reaction and cooperation from the manufacturer. I called them when the web site was down and they have been rebuilding it. They also called me back and took care of the problems with no hassle. Try calling them.
I had no problems with them... I've ordered several things from their web site. I got the tailgate red, white, and blue domed letters - except they came in red, white, and purple. Brad sent me a new set that was indeed red, white, and blue. It was all done through email.

I won't hesitate to buy from them in the future!
I've been Emailing them on getting some custom decals. I have had a couple come back as undeliverable and then resent them fine.

My only problem is that my project seems to keep getting bumped in their priorities and has taken too long to get done.

One Email said 'tomorrow' . well, tomorrow has been 10+days and still no update. yesterday i got 'shortly'. well it's been almost 24 hours.

Brad replies promptly. but, I'm dealing with somebody else there.
I have the 3rd brake light decal from them and I am unhappy because you cannot read the word Avalanche when standing behing the vehicle. The decal cannot sit any lower in the space due to the cladding. So, I plan on removing the decal.
Lordvader - I don't think the decal is designed properly.

They have finally responded, and I have asked for a refund on the brake light decal.

They also wanted me to pay for shipping for the replacement for the defective letter.... 'I don't think so!'

Will let you know how it gets resolved. -Carl
Hello everyone! It's Brad from Auto Trim DESIGN/autotrimdesign.com. Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention! First, in response to "FSUGUY". Due to major abuses of our custom design service, we are completely revising the system. Too many people, unfortunately ahead of your request, have had us do custom design work for them and then disappeared. Obviously, this wastes everyone's time and slows everything down. This will be fixed by June 1st. In the meantime, please let me know if you are still waiting and what replies you have received from our company.

"QuickCarl"-Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, the Third Brake Decal can not be fitted perfectly on the Third Brake Light due to the embossed lettering/numbering on the sides of the lens. However, the decal is made directly from a Third Brake Light, tested, and cut by computer, so it is as exact as it can be. Our Return Policy, as with any medium to large company, is that the customer will be responsible for getting their Return back to the company. If you bought a pair of Jeans from a store at the Mall, obviously they would not come and pick them up from your house if you felt they were defective. The same goes for Internet businesses and Mail Order. You would have to pay for the gas to get to the store, take the chance of not getting in an accident (which is likely by our Mall;)), use your personal time, etc., etc. I personally have dealt with a company that paid for the Return, but to be honest I was shocked as it was not the norm for any businesses I have ever been involved with.
-Brad :)
Brad, thanks for the reply....

I have a few comments. ?

First, I don't think your analogy is quite on point. ?I didn't get to inspect the product before you sent it, YOUR company did. ?It was defective, a fact that was totally within YOUR company's control and not mine. ?I don't see why I should HAVE to PAY to fix a problem that YOUR company caused and that is obviously not what I expected...

As for the brake light decal... please quit trying to blame the poor design and lack of instructions on the raised letters on the surface of the brake light lens... that is not the problem. ?The PROBLEM is that the letter cutouts are not oriented properly toward the viewers of the brake light...THOSE PEOPLE ON THE GROUND BEHIND THE VEHICLE, NOT THOSE ON THE HARDCOVER OF THE TURCK BED...
Point well made. I was unhappy with the way the decal was made and mine came with no directions, so of course I messed it up putting it on the truck and had to throw it away. Total waste of money and time.
Decals they sent were too small and looked extremely out of place on my AV. If I'm not mistaken they want a 15% restocking fee to return them. I'll go elsewhere in the future. :mad:
I got a message from them yesterday that thay wanted a restocking fee for the return of the cladding decals, but it was figured as 15% of the whole order... or 50% of the cladding decals :8:

They are going to replace the bad letter on the domed decals, w/o shipping cost. Haven't gotten a satisfactory answer of the brake light decal yet :mad:

Still a mixed bag so I am undecided about my experience as of now. :6:
Sounds like they have a few problems to fix before any of us should order from them again. My self, I ordered a bow-tie decal and was charged over 6.00 for shipping. When I asked why so much the answer I got was: That is the cheapest shipping charge that ups offers (even though their ebay shipping is only 4.00). Funny thing though. I work for a "Med to Large" redistributing company that uses UPS for most of there shipping and I have shipped many things for far less than 6.00. Its their business to charge whatever they want but don't lie about it to the customer. Actually they could have just stuck the decal in a reg. envelope with a stiff piece of cardboard and sent it reg postal service for under a buck. I probably wouldn't have had to wait as long for it either.

Their instruction for mounting the decal sucked also. Luckily I have order decals from another company that did give good mounting instructions. i.e the wet method. I use the wet method for all my decals and it works great.

As far as I'm concerned, AutoTrimDesign won't get any more of my business until they get their act together.

I used autotrim for my cladding and tailgate lettering via EBay and had no troubles. The domed lettering for the tailgate did get messed up while they were making it so it took time for it to be remade. When this happened I recieved and email the same day and 4 days later everything was on my door step. As far as the third brake light decal goes I saw the pics and did not think it looked right so I did not order it. Their pics looked pretty accurate to what I recieved so I'd suggest that everyone take a good long look at what they show because thats about what your gonna get. Not defending anyone here, basically things get messed up sometimes. Like they is someone is happy they tell one person, if someone is PO'd they'll tell 10 people. Granted you cannot find the perfect company anywhere and they all have something that could be improved on. Hope you all get everything straightend out.

dday - I gave them several days to respond to my complaints before I posted here. After they did respond, I didn't find their solutions acceptable.

I don't expect prefection (although it is nice to have compnaies try for it) but I do expect good customer service when there are problems. Not sure I have gotten any yet... Although they did write me to say that the exchange for the cladding letters would be for the cost of postage only! ;D

The brake light decal is OBVIOUSLY poorly designed. It doesn't do what one would logically expect it to, that is make the name readable from behind the truck. It should be redesigned, and people who are dissatisfied should be dealt with in a reasonable manner. I am happy to have them keep my money if they provide a decal that does what it should...
I saw that the third brakelight decal was not going to work the way it should. I actually cut it ut of the backing paper, and taped it in place to see what it was like before I afixed it onto the lense. I went to a local decal guy that I used before, and he worked with me to get the decal design to be pretty good. We made it large enough to cover the entire lens. What do I care if the raised numbers are covered. I then had him drop the word Avalanche down lower on the decal. The design is actually on the lower section of the decal. I then put it on and liked what I came out with. I think its the best your going to get it. Our lights are very narrow as compaired to say and Explorers light. You can now read the word from the ground, and it doesn't seem to be bleeding around the edges. He made me 2 in case I screwed the first one up.This same guy worked with me to make me Bowtie decals to go on the center caps on the wheels. He made me up blue bowties that fir perfest over the gold ones that come on the covers. He actually made 3 or 4 sizes till he got it just right. I put them on last year, and they are still on without any peeling, or fadeing. I figured the decal would hold up better than paining them. If they get scewed up, I'll just put new decals on.
My last Email from James at Autotrimdesign on Saturday:
I am sorry it has taken awhile for me to reply or give any updates. I have been experiencing some email issues along with having a heavy work
load here and honestly I just dropped the ball. I hope you dont hold my tardiness
against Auto Trim Design. Brad has contacted me that you where looking for an update. I wiil get you an updated design by Monday Afternoon. Again,
please accept my apologies and I look forward to being able to do you design work for you.

It's late tuesday- NOTHING!!!

2 months and I got nothing. I'm going elsewhere.

I did see somebody new selling decals on Ebay today.

Stripeman looks a little more expensive, but, he has good feedback around here. any opinions on him?

I just looked at their feedback on Ebay and 99% were good, but, i do see some of the same replies. it's like they need a year or 2 or getting it right first. But, buyer beware until it's perfected. I think they need to advise that products are 'under construction' and then work better with people.

sounds like the company is re-doing things internally.
Oh well- wrong place at the wrong time. I'm tired of waiting.
Great news!

Mike is taking care of me, and the rest of you. Will be testing a new design of the 'brake light' decal and sending pics

Also, I can say that new products are coming. Also I can say that there is REAL customer service with them....

Stay tuned... pictures and eveything... -Carl
I had trouble with them, the letters on 2 decals were stuck to the paper. My sign was bent and 1 of the other decals was stuck to the packing. It took a while but I got my replacement stickers. As for the sign goes I took a hammer and straightened it out. :B:
Hi there Would Like to add that I too have had Trouble with AUTOTRIM DESIGN...I purchased The Cladding Decals........and They came with NO INSTRUCTIONS....I then got on this site and asked members how they installed....members were kind enough to say to wash with soap ...then use alcohol before applying.....The stickers lasted only a Month and are Now off My Avelanche.......Complete waste of Money....Company was LAME in there response......said that they included instructions a link in my email that they had been shipped to me, and was MY FAULT for not seeing it in the Email......TOTALY LAME....PUT THEM IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!....They Totaly denied any responsability, and offerd a lame 50% of another set.....I had Just wasted 37.00 with the shipping...and was not about to get sodimised again.......The adhesive is So Bad that that the stickers peel off as your trying to pull off the outer white backing...it is a shame as the Product does look great.....but they have not done there homework on the adhesive.....worse Yet this arogent Company hides application instructions in a shipping confirmation, does not tell you that,.....and does not include them with your product....then says....Hey its your Fault you didnt see it.......WOULD NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN
I have worked with them and have had no problems. I installed the thrid brake light incorrectly and ended up pullling it off. It was my fault. I have the cladding letter in RED WHITE and Blue and the tailgate raised letters in RWB. I really stink at applying the letters straight but I did a great job with their decals.


I did get a quote for custom RWB flames from ATD. I am dealing with a different place whose price was lower.
DoogieDobe said:
I have worked with them and have had no problems. ?I installed the thrid brake light incorrectly and ended up pullling it off. ?It was my fault. ?I have the cladding letter in RED WHITE and Blue and the tailgate raised letters in RWB. ?I really stink at applying the letters straight but I did a great job with their decals.


I did get a quote for custom RWB flames from ATD. ?I am dealing with a different place whose price was lower.

I'm going to have to agree.

My chevrolet black w/Reflective decal, has been on since about late Jan. I check them everytime I get it washed. Only trouble I've had is keeping the edges on the "E" on. It sticks up a tiny bit, but so far NO peelage.

I'm sorry so many are having trouble.