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Has Anyone Slept In Their Av


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Jan 15, 2002
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I mean sleeping in the Av bed with the covers on, without the tent package. Did anyone try it yet? Just curious. . . .
Well there was that time last week when the wife got mad at me and threw me out to sleep with the dog. I tried getting into the AV but she took my key... :(

However, on the not so serious side... I have used an inflatable mattress in the back and found it way comfy. I am even considering the tent package for some time later this summer.... Yosemity (Sp?) :cool:
Nikon4 said:
Well there was that time last week when the wife got mad at me and threw me out to sleep with the dog. ?I tried getting into the AV but she took my key... :(

This is where OnStar pays off, you just call and have them open it ;D
I have considered the same idea, just throwing a mattress or foam in the back and sleeping in their rather than getting the tent. Anyone else think of this or try it already?

Summer's coming . . such opportunities . . time to consider the flexibility of Av options with regard to 'in car' camping . .

Bad weather - midgate down with window and hard covers in place, sleeping bags with head towards the front - as noted above . . or . .

Good weather - turn it around, remove the hard covers for an open air experience but still off the ground and away from varmints.

It works great...camped in it a couple weekends ago up at Jalama beach about an hour North of Santa Barbara. It was just my 4 year old daughter and myself, we brought a tent but the wind was whipping about 50 mph. I was very thankful we could sleep in the truck that night. A queen size air mattress is just about a perfect fit, throw the sleeping bags down and crash.

Kind of a pain in the ass if you have to get up to go....
Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. I think I took a nap on the first day I bought it... :cool:
When I cover NASCAR races as a member of the media, I tow my popup camper to the track infield and sleep in the camper. My partner, who snores tremendously loud, used to sleep in my minivan with the seats taken out. This year I won't have to take anything out because he'll be sleeping in the Av.

That's reason number 452 why I bought an Av!
I've looked at the configuation and I think I may try it in the near future. It's turkey season, and I haven't been able to get up early enough and get to my spot to hunt. I might just drive the night before and camp out. When I do, I'll let you know.
I believe there is a market for someone to take one of the hard bed panels and replace it with a frame and screen unit. Slide it into the bed rails either in the first slot or the last and look at the stars.
I took a nap in the Av...while waiting for the wife to come out of the mall.....I had to say I was pretty damn comfortable....

I've yet to try to sleep in the cargo box....but there is a lot of room to roll around....hmm!! ;D ;D
I have fallen asleep in the seats before, but never the cargo box. man, just turn on the heat on those leather seats, get the vehicle in motion, and I am out like a light (luckily the wife was driving) ;D
I predict that this thread will turn into the "tales from the new mile-high club" shortly.

Hmm ... I thought you said this was a family site. The AV has the biggest rear seats I have ever owned. And yes ... I am a member of whatever the new "mile high" club is eventually named ;D

Somebody wanted the seats to lean all the way back, shades of a 50's Nash that my folks owned, and I drove whilst dating ... oh my, those were the days. ;D
I just wished I had this thing in high school.....the possibilities would have been endless!! ;D

The AV or the paper Doll?


How about the "For a Dollar" Club?

No wait! ?Some girls might take offense to that ;D

I didn't exactly sleep in it, but I did lay down just to see what it was like. It wasn't that comfortable cause the back seats do not lay completely flat.

Could be user error?
gandolphxx said:
I predict that this thread will turn into the "tales from the new mile-high club" shortly. ;D

don't have the load leveling suspension... wouldn't want to hurt the truck ;D
I took a trip from Seattle to the Bitterroot River in western Montana in late March for four days of fly fishing. I slept in the cargo bed with the mid-gate down all four nights. I was in search of an air mattress by night #2. Since I am not a diminutive person things were a bit tight with the air mattress. I am going to make a sleeping pad using a sheet of plywood, cut into a 5' section and a 3' section, put on some foam padding and cover it with carpet. When not in use I will be able to leave it in the bed with the mid-gate up and not lose any appreciable space, yet easily remove it for cleaning or hauling bark, etc.
:eek: DANGER!!!! SLEEPING IN THE AV CAN CAUSE STRANGE GROWTHS....My wife and I have been using the back of the AV as our nighttime accomodation on road trips lately, and now we are expecting an addition to the family. Of course, that was my #3 excuse for getting the AV, that it would be a great family car, but I didn't realise that she would go that far to get the keys from me. Now I'll be stuck driving the Toyota...

Madmax ><>
first day I owned her, I drove 50 mi to work. Nothing to do but wait for inspectors. So I laid the seat back. opened the sun roof and snored for two hours till the cell phone went off.

Thank god, no birds took aim at my open mouth :D: