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Headlamp Aiming


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Jan 26, 2002
Los Angeles, California
Is there a way to adjust the Lateral aim of the Low beams? I am aware of adjusting the verticle aim but I don't see a way to adjust the aim in or out.
Good luck - have seen this question before - no resolution - last time I had them apart it wasn't obvious. :rolleyes:
On the actual base where the headlamp bulb goes in, there are some small torx screws. I am wondering if they are for adjusting the seating position of the bulb.
They may be. ?Do tell after you play around with them a bit.

Have you tried shimming under the bulb maybe? ?I know it sounds like a PIA but it is a thought.
The three torx screws that have to be loosened for the PIAA's probably wont change the lateral that much - good luck.