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Mar 27, 2002
Arlington, Texas
The plastic that covers the actual headlights (both left and right) is deteriorating with lots of little cracks. At first I though something had splatted on there or it was condensation on the inside, but as I looked closer I saw it was within the plastic, all of these little cuts.

If you've ever seen old pieces of plexiglass on an airplane or somewhere, that's what it looks like. I have yet to take it in. It's getting to be a real pain to go to the dealer, but that's all part of owning a new truck, right?

Thought I'd tip the rest of you to check that plastic next time you're washing or whatever. Maybe mine weren't made well.
This cracking is a common characteristic of the plastic used in the headlights. If you are still under warranty have them replaced. We all may be looking at replacing them periodically. So far mine are fine, no cracks same with the DRL's/fog lights.
Can you post a pic?

IS from rock chips or something similar?