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Help 4wd is noisy


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May 4, 2006
Pgh Pa
Ok so for those who don't know I was involved in a accident Aug 1st 06 some a*shole decided to go around traffic crossed the yellow line and hit me head on dead center. So anyhow today is the first day I have used my 4wd since the accident keep in mind it worked fine last year well today I noticed while driving the 4wd high and auto 4wd were noisy and when I would turn it got really loud. Now this may seem like a stupid question to some but since I was hit head on is it possible it screwed up my 4wd? I have absolutely no idea where any of that is located any help would be appreciated I also attached a pic of my av after the accident so you can get a idea how it was hit and the damage. Thanks Stacy


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No most were covered others were very slushy. It's kinda hard to explain the noise I guess it sounded like it was grinding
Hmm that's odd, usually the grinding is from the 4 wheels trying to turn on the dry pavement... found that out once by mistake  :E:
Oh that makes me feel so sad to look at your truck in that condition. Glad you're ok......I know about AzWholes on the highway....I had one put me in the ditch 2 weeks ago and I had to get winched out.........for a minute there I thought the truck was gonna go over, it was leaned over so far...........

I would think that a front end collision could definately affect the front wheel drive components...........
I have the same problem when i first bought mine, i took mine to the dealer and they told me that's how the newer ones sound. even in auto it it still putting power to the front diff.  i made them check everything and they said it's fine.