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Help Me...I Have A Modding Problem!



Okay...Please someone help me...how do I stop modding?
I've only had my Av for 6 weeks and I cant stop adding stuff.
My wife is gonna kill me if she sees one more visible mod. (I try to hide them too :-[ )
My additions to date are: XM Radio, Front Infinity Components,rear Pioneer 3 ways,Poron Talking Backup system,Go Rhine Hitch Step,Amber DRL's,50 watt Fogs,Billet Fuel Door,Street Pilot GPS,Hands free Nokia speakerphone system,blue valve stem covers, Assorted Stripeman Avalanche decals, tinted front windows and $145 worth of Zanio products!
Now I have an appt, to see a guy about the possibily of adding an amplifier to beef up the sound system tomorrow morning.
UPS has hired an extra driver just to handle the overflow to my neighborhood!
How do I stop? ???

Ive had numerous vehicles in the past and never added a single thing to them. Whats the problem ???

Ken >:D
I am sorry to say that there is currently no known cure for excessive AV modding.

But there have been cases where individuals stopped and they have been severly injured.

So i say keep modding!!!! >:D
Oh man, you've got it just as bad. I don't know if there is a cure. There's always never and most of the time better technology.
The problem is once you do that "one last mod," you check out this site and someone always comes up with one more you hadn't thought about. I'm speaking from experience. But, I'm addicted to this site and refuse to stop visiting no matter how much it costs me. What was that honey. Yes dear. Oops, got to go.
Don't let XRover hear about your MOD problem. This is what he recommended to me when I first admitted I had a serious MOD habit ;D

XRover said:
Welcome Goo ....

The first step to recovery is Acknowledgement that you have a problem. Now that you have accepted that you in fact do have a problem with Modding you can now begin the slow process of Rehabilitation.

If you would like to skip the slow process of rehabilitation, you may participate in the XRover 24 hr clean and broke program.

You have 24 hours to send me just 1 month of your modding budget. In Cash of course.

If you feel the urge to Mod again, I will still be here for you... with a stamp and a self addressed envelope.

Are you ready begin rehab Goo ?

Didn't think soo :B: :B: :B:
Hey goo...look at it this way there could be a lot worse things to be addicted to....you just want to take something great and make it better...there is nothing wrong with that.....happy modding... :B:
Modifying only becomes a problem when there are no more aftermarket parts left to install, you can't come up with anymore improvements to make or you run out of money! ;D

I am sorry to have to say this but if it is that serious and affecting your marriage then you had better give it up.

I am sure you will miss the wife...

>:D >:D