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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Well, we're indexed by Alexa (and I know some of you are users). Right now we're ranked 63,546 on the web. That means of all the websites on the internet, this one is the 63,546th most visited. Actually not a bad stat.

Now Alexa allows people to rate a site and write site reviews. Want to help out? Well the go to Alexa and write a review!

Click here to write a review for Alexa

I clicked over and wrote a brief (something different for me ;D) heart felt review... I hope people catch the play on the word SIGHT vs SITE... :cool:

;D ;D
Done my duty and left a review, surprised that there are only 2 reviews, but this is a new listing and i hope everyone will take their turn and boost our reputation a little on the web.................... ;DGIVE IT A SHOT..........PAINLESS
I've done my part and posted my review, but then again not much else to do on the web @ 2 in the morning :rolleyes: (j/k).

I love this site.
Done deal!! Put in my review 2 seconds ago....seems like everyone is doing a great job contributing.... :cool:
;D ;D The easiest two cents I ever added. Thank you for the opportunity to support this site. ;D ;D