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New Member
Jul 18, 2007
i just want to ask what do i need to change my oil. I have a 2004 Chevy Avalanche 2wd 1500. It has 56k miles on it. I wanted to change to synthetic but i don't know what brand, type or grade to use plus the filter. Please helpppppp!!!!
I'd start by reading some of the many threads on the subject here, including the process of changing as I'm going to make the assumption you're not too skilled on that.

At 56K miles, I'm not one that would advocate switching to synthetic.  Stay with a good conventional oil and a quality filter.  Use the oil weight specified in your owner's manual and on the cap, 5w30, unless you are in a high-altitude or very hot climate (or very cold).  The manual again is quite helpful with this.  If you don't have one, click the Resources button on the left and you can drill down to your model year and access the manual in a PDF file.
So i don't need to change to synthetic?? well thanks for your help. I just wanted to lessen my expense going to the dealer coz they charge too much, thats why i want to learn how to do it. Any advice? hehe
Advice was already there - READ :)

Tons of info.