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Here I Am!!


SM 2003
Full Member
Apr 29, 2002
Birmingham, Alabama
I am now officially flying up North to pick up Av that I have been obsessing about for the last nine months. I have been a silent viewer our ya'lls site for the last five months. I am getting a 2500, so my favorite forum is the performance and modifications. Gandolphxx, you are doing great. From where I live, it will be a 1000 mi. trip, but I have dreaming of this day for some time. Just wanted to say Hi, and that I am happy to be a member of these forums finally.
Boo, welcome aboard the owners side of the fence. Being about 1000 miles N of Gandolph must put you near my location, Minneapolis/St. Paul. Look forward to seeing your ride and all you do to it.

Hey Boo this is Goo!

Welcome aboard ... let me know if you ever have any glowing curiosity involving neons ;D

2500. I thought these were rare. Well I guess on this board the 2500 has wide support. Welcome fellow 2500.
Welcome aboard BooTheRedneck, you gonna love that 2500, trust me. Glad you joined up, come tell us what your going to do to it. ;D

BTW, 2500's are rare, like fine cigars, wine and .... ;D
Boo, ?You're really going to enjoy the 2500. ?All the power in the world and a sweet, sweet ride. ?Perfect for towing, hauling or just tooling around.

I rode in a friend's brand new Dodge 1500 yeaterday and I couldn't believe how harsh the ride was. ?Here I have a three-quarter ton heavy-duty Avalanche and it rides much better than a wimpy half-ton Dodge. ?Go figger.

Power? ?I told my friend that the Av would friggin' bury his hard-riding Dodge. ?After I gave him a ride, he was a believer.

Welcome to the best web site going

Welcome to the Board Boo.....hope you have lots of good times with your 2500 beast....power on tap...tastes great...and less filling.... :D :D
Welcome to the 2500 club! Or motto should be:

"There's no replacement for displacement"

It's so nice getting back to a V-8 after years of V-6 and four bangers.
Congratulations on the new AV. Your 2500 is going to last forever with that big block and the HD suspension. When you get a chance go out side and look under your Av and look at how big everything is. The axles and the springs look huge.