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Hey Have You Ever Done This ?


Full Member
Feb 15, 2003
Marinette, Wi
Hey Guys~
today me and my dad were working on a satern we totally dismembered it and my dad wanted to have a little fun.. so he put a rope on it hooked it to the front hook and had his fun
HEHEHE ;D I have towed out a big bush out of our yard with my AV ;D So biggie what were you doing with that satern Isee the helmet on the top of your car so were you trying to be a crash dummy ;D Just messing with ya neat pics
well we got it for some parts. it was in a crash we got it cheap. we are selling the shell on e-bay and i get half the mooooola... the helmet is my uncles he was over with his crotch rocket
From the pictures i thought you may have bumped the Saturn with the AV, of course it would not have hurt the Av, but the saturn.......... ;D
no i have never done this with my av.....but i have done this with the appropriate equipment...actually we like to make convertables out of vehicles.............lee