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HID's Could Be Banned?


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Jan 24, 2002
Redmond, WA
There's a thread going on at another site I frequent. Basically, it appears that folks are rallying to have HID/Xenon headlights banned. Take a look at the thread and come back over here. There are some good points, and some pretty nasty political attacks, but I'd like to see what you folks think about this.

I would think that anyone who has added Xenon's as an aftermarket part would have to remove them.

Click here.
I seriously doubt that HID's on a vehicle as delivered from the factory will be banned. They are approved by the DOT and don't fall under the purview of the individual states. This same crap came up with the advent of halogen headlights. Exposes`by local news stations and interviews with irate motorists claiming the new headlights were unsafe abounded.
And to add, here in California there is what is known as a "special Contstruction Vehice". There is no original light per say from manufacturer. All you need to do is get them certified, I believe, by DMV. They need to have a beam that is patterned not to shine into oncoming traffic. I am not sure of the particulars, but was just having a conversation about it with a cop friend of mine. We were talking about the legalities of my HID lights.

1st, he told me he has only ever pulled over someone where their lights are so far out of adjustment that they shine into oncoming traffic or just to bright. With LAPD, they are told that the only light violations are "additional" aftermarket lights over a certain amount of inches from the ground, and lights that do not have a directionalized beam (Flood lights). When he looked at my HIDs from a distance he told me he sees worse from BMW's so go figure.

People can rally all they want. We had a local congresswoman pushing for a ban (lost) then a higher tax (still in limbo) on SUVs. She must own a Honda Civic. Then there was the group trying to push a ban on Motorcycle exhaust (again failed, but I can understand it sometimes). There will always be groups that try to push things and luckily we live in a country where our freedoms are not easily yanked away. We will see.
I definitely can't see them being banned either. There are already laws about how much light you can put out (which is why un-modded AVs won't do high and low or high and fogs together), and obviously the HIDs follow those laws since they are approved. I will admit, I found them distracting when they first started becoming common. But that was more because they looked a little different, not because they were bright. Now they barely stand out.

Definitely an interesting read in that thread though. Runs from intelligent discussion about HIDs to slamming poor people to hating SUVs. Gee, I'm glad our threads don't wander like that ;D
What they need to do is ban all the low output "old style" lamps. They are dangerous. I know I am not the only one who has seen a set of dim yellow lights coming down the road. Almost thought it was a set of oil lanterns out in front of a horse drawn buggie.
I dont know about banning them in rhode island but i do know that it is illeagle to have the all on all the time systems.
where as your high and low are always on when your regular lights are on.

although if you have the set up where both are on only when highs are on your fine.  their picky hear. :E:
If the tree huggers and bleeding hearts had their way we would still be in buggy's with kerosene lamps.
They can have my HID's when they pull them from my cold dead fingers :3:
pdxkevin said:
What they need to do is ban all the low output "old style" lamps. ?They are dangerous. ?I know I am not the only one who has seen a set of dim yellow lights coming down the road. ?Almost thought it was a set of oil lanterns out in front of a horse drawn buggie.

I agree with that.? I have an 88 Blazer and it's lights are terrible.?

Mine are 5Ks, and work beautifully.  My wife couldn't stand to drive her Escape (now traded in... yee haw) due to how piss poor the lights looked compared to mine.  I had her drive behind me one night so I could see if I thought they were too bright.  On the WBH styles... the fogs reflect more light than what the low beams do.  Meaning that the fogs look as bright as the HIDs just due to their reflective pattern, but the HIDs put out more and brighter light due to how they are aimed... if that all makes sense.

I will admit that I have reaimed my low beams since installing the HIDs a few different times, due to my not wanting the HIDs to be too over powering.  The only time, and I mean only time I have been flashed by on coming motorists is when I have been out in the middle of the boonies and come up over a hill to face another motorist.  I think that has more to do with being in the middle of no where with no ambient light from the city or other motorists and the lights looking ... yes... bright... when compared to pitch black.

I'm about to get 5Ks for my wifes Honda CRV... that tells you how much I don't like em.
WOW! talk about an old thread.  HIDs should be standard in all vehicles just as seatbelts, airbags and ABS.