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Hitch-Mounted Bike Carrier?


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Mar 14, 2002
Manassas, VA
Does anyone have any experience or suggestions on a hitch-mounted bike holder for two bikes? I'm looking at both the Thule and Yakima models and don't have enough info to make a decision on which is better. I just read TXAVy's thread on a custom bed rack and think that may be the way to go but would still like input from anyone who's got a carrier. What are the pros and cons to the models mentioned?
I own a hitch-mounted Yakima Roc 4 bike carrier. I've had it for about two years and it suits my needs. ?I've also purchased some accessories for the Roc 4, such as the stratalock and the rattler strap bedroc. It comes standard with holders for two bikes and is expandable up to 4 bikes. ?However, I do not like the fact that the bikes are held in place by the bike frame. ?If I ever replace it I would purchase a Yakima hitch-mounted bike holder that holds the bike in place by the tires/rims.
I have a 4 bike carrier made by Reese. Has worked well for many years. Only problem with mine is you have to remove bikes to move it out of the way of the tailgate(or hatch) because it swings down to ground. Some models swing around to the side which would allow rear end access without taking the bikes off first.
A nice feature of my Reese though which I have not seen on other models is that it has a hitch ball mount on the back of the hitch bar which allows towing in addition to the bike carrier.
I use the Delta BikeHaul, as recommended by someone here to me last year. I bought it and it works great! It is ideal for full-suspension mountain bikes, and keeps them in a conventional carrying position, where other top-tube carriers have the back of FS bikes jacked way up in the air (a bit awkward). There is an optional bumper you can get with it, as shown. You can carry 4 bikes by adding another BikeHaul.

I love the carrier. It's easy to use and the optional bumper (with a few streamers hanging from it) keeps the gaters back where they belong.

Delta Cycle