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Feb 14, 2002
Leduc, Alberta, Canada

After offroading on the weekend, my horn has a much different sound than it did prior. A friend suggested mud may be in it, and my father offered that perhaps there are two horns that sound at the same time and one has become disconnected from the offroad jostling. I would appreciate any input on this, though I will be taking it to the dealership on Tuesday, so I can offer up what I find then.

Thanks in advance.

I've heard that the truck has dual horns, but I replaced mine and only found one, so I'm not sure. But, the one is located behind the headlights on the drivers side. You can get to it by taking out the battery and battery tray or by removing the headlights. There's a plug that connects to it w/ two wires leading into it.

Hope this helps, if you want some more info just ask :)
Jon -

Dare I ask... what did you replace your horn with?

Perhaps he has devised a new "stealth" horn-replacement mod ... I can picture a telescoping arm with a permanently raised middle finger. :) I have an occasional need for this mod as well. Maybe we can get a group buy ...
Ave said:
I can picture a telescoping arm with a permanently raised middle finger. :) ?I have an occasional need for this mod as well. ?Maybe we can get a group buy ...
Don't those come as standard equipment on all vehicles in sold in New York and Chicago? ;D ;D ;D :p ;)

Thank you for the assistance; I will pull out a headlight and nose around tomorrow.

Following the discussion of horn replacements, I was discussing it with my father when I first bought my Avalanche, because I felt the standard horn was lacking. He was originally investigating for me an air pump and a horn from an older Kenworth he had. We then located a company - the name of which I cannot recall, but will look for - that makes a similar-sounding horn to a locomotive, that requires air. This is what I hope to eventually replace my stock horn with. (Perhaps sooner than anticipated, if I find this one is broken.)

If I proceed, I'll document it.

That sounds kind of cool! (no pun intended ;))

I'd like to hear it when you're finished. Can you make a sound clip (.wav) and post it for us?

It may take some time to start and finish the project, as I was laid off two weeks ago and money is tight, but I will take many photographs and document the project once I begin. I will also record sound clips to accompany it.

I'll keep you informed as to my progress.
naylor99 said:
Jon -

Dare I ask... what did you replace your horn with?


Nothing like the dukes of hazards horn. I just put in a 138db electiric horn that I bought at the local auto parts store for 15 bucks. The stock horn was a bit too girly. I didn't want to honk at someone and have them think it was the ford pinto next to me.
My horn has changed pitch. All of a sudden it seems muffled and kinda puney..
When I took my Avalanche to the dealership, they reported that it worked fine. When I returned and checked, it was working again. Perhaps when I went offroading, something got in or around the horn and froze, and once in the shop, defrosted enough for it to fall off and so things work again.

Regardless, if your horn has changed, I would ask the dealership to look into it.
My horn has changed pitch. All of a sudden it seems muffled and kinda puney..

Same here, but not anytime soon after offroading. Like the low tone went out, son embarassed when I would lock the truck and it would sound. Anyway, had it serviced at the dealer and they replaced it. Only real problem I have had so far (if you want to even call that a problem) over 18k miles.
I too wasn't thrilled with the sound of the stock horns, so I installed a small set of air horns. They have a small air compressor and are about 7-8" long. I fabbed up a mount that fits right under the air filter box in the fender. I thought I might have a problem at the inspection lanes so I just unplugged the factory ones, so I can reconnect them before going through inspection.

Some people like them, some don't. A few people say they are unusual horns for an unusaul truck...
I had the same horn problem after off roading last weekend.

There are two horns on the AV - one on each side.

Mine quit working becuase I was playing in a creek and got some water in the horn.

The driver side horn is packed in around a lot of equipment and is very protected. The passenger side horn is more exposed.

My dealer also thought there wasn't a problem, until I had them stand at the front of the truck and I hit the horn. Then they could hear that only one side was working.

This is probably something that should be in a FAQ for off roading. I noticed while laying underneath my front bumper (installing a grill guard) that the openings on the horns face straight down. The openings are not too unobstructed from the ground so I can see how water an debris can get in their quite easily.
add my name to the list of Avs whose horn went south after muddin'/splashin' :8: c'mon GM, did you really test this thing first, aside from driving down a paved, dry road?

need to replace and relocate them, will advise of the spot I choose.
I have had the same problem with my horn after offroading, and to the strange coincidence, i do have a "horn" off from a locomotive, air powered. It's getting put on my 3500 dually though :(
Sounds like anyone that offroads should try to put a bag and a rubber band over their horns or remount them. I haven't looked at mine, but if they were accessible, I would go with the zip- lock bag and rubber band trick. Just an idea. :0:
Again I have to be different, co-worker was trunk diving as i drove by about 40 mph. I laid into the horn , as his head went through the trunk lid, my horn died. Sure as bears poop in my yard the fuse had blown. Later that week I again tested the nerves of a co-worker. Again the fuse wen't by-by. Good or bad I bumped up to the next size fuse. Now I can toot my horn all I want.

my 72 duster, had a horn prob. I was driving down town one block away from my AV horn prob no less. Must be some black hole for horns. Any hoo my girl friend reached over to toot my horn and the car died. 35mph to 0 dead in the middle of the road. No engine no lights no nuthin. I wigled all the wires nothing worked. fineally I kicked the front bumper and like a ford fairlane named Christine the radio came on. Never figured that one out.
Then there was the time lightning struck next to my car as I was driving, everything died then also, but the engine re-started befour it came to arest. Then dash lighs started to work again after 2 years. The light in my radio that never worked now came on. got to love old dodge's Well time to let you back to the thread, what was it about.....?
Sorry to do this, but I love this movie - used to have to keep those damn Plymouths running at a dealership I worked at one summer - a long time ago!

Stephen King - Christine
"First off, let me tell you. Christine?s tough, a real moving unit, but she ain?t no Lady. She?s a 1958 Plymouth Fury, a white-over-red two-toned finned survivor of a time when high-test gasoline sold for a quarter a gallon and speed was king. She?s also alive and mean, a real killing machine, and it doesn?t take long for people to start dying on the dark, suburban streets of Libertyville, U.S.A." >:D

That sound was my head coming out me a**

I stand corrected by the great XX
Ever thought of being on Jeopardy