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Hot AIR While Control OFF???


SM 2003
Full Member
Dec 30, 2002
OK, I am used to fresh air coming into the cab when the heat/ac is off. But yesterday it was 55 degrees, window open and I had HOT air on passenger side. I turned the control on, set the passenger side from 75 to 60. Waited a few seconds and had cold air. Then shut it off and still had cold air. OK so far. Then I turned it on, set the passenger side back to 75 and immediately shut it off. Still cold. Turned it back and and it started to get warm again. Turned it off and it stayed warm.

Anybody know if this is normal? My other vehicles always returned to cold when shut off, but this one keeps the heat on if it was heating when turned off.
Sorry for the stupid question first, but was the temp control all the way to cold? The only reason I ask is I have forgotten to do that before and wondered why it was still hot... ?:2: Also, I would probably hit the outside air button to make sure that I was pulling in as much cooler outside air as possible. I have a 2002 with the electronic climate control so your controls may be different. If I want to set up what you're looking for, I usually set to full cold, vent only, outside air on and then select a fan position.
That was not a stupid question, I just forgot to give me details. ?Mine is the digital electronic control and I just leave it on 75 degrees. ?To turn on I set it to AUTO. ?To turn off, I select off. ?My question is, if I leave it on 75, turn if off, and it is still cold outside, it is supposed to supply heat air or cold? ?I get hot, I expect cold, because the control is off.
I think that you get whatever the temp and vent controls are set to when you are in the "Off" position. Off is only the fan speed not the temp. I will have to try this today when I go home for lunch to be 100% sure though.