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How about this for a Texas GTG this summer?

Jesus Freak

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Nov 11, 2006
Buffalo, Texas
We are have our 2nd annual Crossfire Crusade in Buffalo, Texas on June 1 & 2. The website is www.crossfirecrusade.org/index-english.htm . I talked to our pastor today at church, and he said it would be great if we could get something together for the Saturday, June 2nd which is the main crusade day. It starts at 12:30pm, and goes till 9:00pm. There will be boths for the kids, and we are trying to get some events for the adults to participate in. Of course everyone is welcome to come Friday night also. That night is the youth event, but it will be awesome. We have a 30 year old minister who has been ministering for 12 years. He does events all over the country. We are also having a giveaway this year. One of our members has a 1974 Chevy Camaro pro street he is donating. I think they are going to require you be at least 21 years of age or older. No charge to enter. One entry per person. You must be at the drawing to claim the car. So let me know what you think. We have a couple of newly built hotels within a 20 mile distance. One right in Buffalo (Comfort Inn). For the cruisers in the club, ther is a Sonic.

God Bless,
Scott "Jesus Freak" :wave:
paul_376 said:
where is Buffalo ? I might be interested if more people are as well
About 1hr. 45min. south of Dallas on I-45. Within 2 hours of DFW Metro, Houston, Austin, Tyler and Waco.
ThunderHorse said:
Hi Tribal, My son lives in Lockhart, was a deputy sheriff but doing something else now.

What a small world  :D

Have him stop by the shop some time. I'm here most of the time. 1407 S Main (LASR Signs)
If anyone is interested, the event has a website with all the information.
You can check out the race car being given away at the event. No tickets to purchase, just show up, sign up and be there for the drawing.
The youth ministery for Friday is being done by Brandon Burden from Kingdom Life International in Frisco, Texas.
So feel free to come to the big town of Buffalo.
If you want more information PM me. 
:D The day is near. We have added a diaper give away on Saturday at noon. The have a full 18 wheeler coming. So if you know anyone in the area with little ones, let them know. Corsicana, Mexia, Palestine, Huntsville, etc..