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How Close Is GM Supplier Discount To Invoice?


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Sep 19, 2002
I have it available. Just wondering if it is worth it to haggle for invoice or just present this as my set price.

Thanks in advance.

Lobster Claw.
GM Supplier Discount is the way to go if you can get it! I got mine that way and I had the best experience buying a vehicle I've ever had. I found the Av I wanted on the dealer's internet inventory, printed out the vin, and presented it to the dealer. There was no haggling and I got my Av for at least 2% below invoice. The percentage is fixed and you can find it out when you get your paperwork. I got my Av last April and I honestly can't remember what the percentage below invoice was. I'm pretty sure it was 2% because I think GM employees get about 6%. Anyway, it was well worth it!
Good to know, as I found out recently that my company supports GM Supplier discounts. I am also looking to use this to wring some blood from my local dealer. 2% below sounds pretty good to me. Thanks :0:
I get the GMS (GM Supplier) discount as well. It is so easy to walk in and ask "Whats the GMS price on this one?" If you really do qualify, then they are required to show you the invoice and the GMS price is on the sheet.

Also, if you qualify, you can go to http://www.gmfamilyfirst.com and log in. There is a special of GM Buypower through that site showing you GMS pricing on everything.

I did my homework on the Avalanche and knew that we needed to find one with an MSRP of $38-40K to be where we want to be in the end. Ours was $39,900 or something like that. I won't post what our GMS discounted price was, since I don't know if there are agreements on my end not to disclose that.

I will say that a few people here have had deals close to GMS, but not quite there.

I bought mine with the GMS discount. However, I also shopped around over the internet. I found that I could match the GMS discount but...with the GMS discount you do away with all of the BS!