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How Did You Find The Chevy Avalanche Fan Club II


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Same poll I ran earlier with different options as the site has become more visible. I'm just trying to get an understanding on just where everyone is coming from...
After purchase, I did a search on yahoo that directed me here. Read a few posts and immediately registered and have been a regular here since.

Found the Avalanche Fan Club on Yahoo about two months after we bought our 2500.

I truly wish I'd found the site before we bought the rig. It would have made the plethora of major decisions a great deal easier.

We are generally satisfied with our Avalanche. We bought in January and our Av has a birthdate of 8-01 (was traded from dealership to dealership because of the lack of popularity of a red 2500 LT). Had I found the CAFC eailier, I would have specified birthdate no earlier than 10-01.

Absolutely no problems except midgate leak, but we are going to put a Snugtop canopy on (it's on order). With the Snugtop, the midgate leak is a non-issue.

Window surround is fine. Catalytic converter used to clang like a school bell when I turned off the rig, but that is going away.

Chief: Again, many thanks for creating this superb support group. Steve
me, same answer as WS6Y2K - and I found the site after doing a hotbot search and seeing a link in a poster's message on another board. Never found it directly, and still, if you run a hotbot, google or yahoo search on "chevy avalanche", this site is not in the top 20 results - seems to be very hard to find this fantastic site - I am no techie but isn't there a way to enhance site visibility to search engines?

this is a great site Chief, and the world of Avy owners should be exposed to it!
Found it shortly after buying the Av - what the site did for me was generally make me happier with my purchase and the luck of the draw - 11/01 build date and no siginificant problems so far.

Found it on a Google search - one late night paging through results for a general 'chevy avalanche' search, and there it was. I agree with Jackalanche - it would be nice to get more search engine visability

All because of you Chief. You posted the link here in a response to me on Edmonds town hall. Wish I'd known about it sooner. Been reading and learning a lot. Thanks.
I was having a drink at this small neighborhood bar, when some guy walked in an said "I am the new owner, the new name is Daves Bar and Grill and you got to own an Avalanche to drink here" - so i bought one. ;D
I was actually searching for a site like this every couple of weeks or so starting late last year. This finally turned up three or four weeks ago.

Well I bought my Avalanche two days ago and did a search on google to see if there were any clubs or other info out there. So here I am, reading about some of the water problems people are having has already got me second guessing my purchase. I guess its too late now anyway. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. Oh and I put 150 miles on it in two days already. I traded in a 2000 Silverado.
I am new here as of today. Right after I bought my AV in September 2001 I began to look for a site like this and all I could find was to Pickuptruck.com. Stayed there for awhile and then drifted away because all they did was bad mouth the AV. Even though every truck site and magazine that reviewed the truck did nothing but rave about it's performance and ride. I decided today to see what they were saying about the AV so I wondered back into the GM forum on PTC and searched for "Avalanche". There I found a message that gave the URL to this site. I signed up right away. Anybody reading these post from Oklahoma?
gregoryglen said:
I am new here as of today. Right after I bought my AV in September 2001 I began to look for a site like this and all I could find was to Pickuptruck.com.

Welcome aboard! I got my Av in September too.
I emailed someone who had bought one of the billet fuel doors auctioned on ebay to see what the skinny was on fit and finish. He directed me to the club as there was a thread going. What a great site! I have been addicted ever since. ;D
Welcome aboard....I'm glad to see that this is one place where addicts are held in "high regard"... ;D
Some cat directed me here from the Edmunds Town Hall site... (was that you, Chief?) Registered right away. Great info.... great site....
In the Edmunds Town Hall flame wars!

A Dodge "Boy" told me I'd have nothing but trouble with the AVY and PISTON SLAP.

(Of course, his Ramrod was stuck on the dealer's lot with TRANNY problems.)

Ever heard of ANY Ramrod owner with tranny problems?
I found out about it on Edmunds Town Hall. There was alot of talk about the "other" site and it was very difficult to finally find a posting of the CAFCNA URL. I have really enjoyed this site although my fiancee' probably feels the opposite. This site is addictive. It is also getting to be a little expensive because of all the great ideas. Chief, thanks for spearheading this site and thanks to everyone else for contributing their opinions and ideas. I live in the Virgin Islands and my AV "lives" in Mississippi. This site helps me imagine enjoying my AV as I read about everyone else's experiences, both good and bad.
found this site the evening after I picked up my AV that I bought site unseen. A couple hours after getting my AV, I searched eBay for some toys. Found the billet gas thingie. Was hesitant and sent the guy an email if he had any pictures. "Al" replied that I should check with all the dudes on this board for a thumbsup. I've logged in every day since!

And I thought only Porsche guys were into serious modding/racing!!! :B:
I found it on Yahoo.ca. Kept doing a search '2003 Avalanche'. After a couple of weeks a link to site popped. Could not be happier.
I told the dealer about the site and sent them a couple of things, they were just blown away. Finally going to get my wind noise problem fixed :)
Was looking for info on stereo installs in the AV. Found aother forum that mentioned CAFCNA and how they were loosing members to CAFCNA, understandable with the wealth of info here. Joined on first visit, hooked ever since. :love: :B:
Edmunds.com back in January...took me 5+ months to register @ CAFCNA and will probably be even longer before I can buy.

I'll sure know exactly what I'm getting myself into, though!