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How Do I Get My Keys Back?



I have had my new AV for four days now and the only time I get to drive it is when I go to work and come home. I get home around 4pm and my 18 yr old boy hops right into it. (He drive an 89 Mustang Gt). After he is done running around town my husband comes home and grabs his keys and goes cruzing (He drives a 02 SOM Z28 ) . Now tell me how do I get my keys back? ???

This is a kick, loving my new AV!!! :love:
only have one set of keys and keep them in your pocket at all times...lol....my dad keep trying to drive my AV but only one set of keys ;D
Thanks for the advice, now if I can only get the second set back from 02SOMZ28. ;D
next time they take it out report it stolen >:D

I think they'll get the message reeeaaaall fast.

kiddin btw :2:

? ?Install a AUTO LOCK for your brake pedal, whenever you get out of the AV...

You could tell your son he has to wash it everytime he drives it and tell you husband he has to fill it up (all the way) everytime he drives it. Someone will cave. Good luck what ever you do.

An 18 year old driving YOUR AV??!! My wife doesn't even drive mine. Now, I will let my child drive it,......... but she is 5 years old now, so by the time she is allowed to drive it, I'll have a new one that she WON'T drive!!
All I can say is GOOD LUCK! My guy had the second set of keys programmed to his settings before I could even figure out how to do mine. He drives a Ford so I give him the buisness for loving my new toy so much!
Wombat said:
Don't go home.
LOL... of course the logical solution.

How about an outrageously high charge per mile for the two offenders? They way they will hopefully not be able to afford to drive it.
I think going back to the dealer and trying to work out a group buy on AVs would be one way! ;)

I know there are member's households with two AVs, but are there any with three?
I always try to find errands I have to go do, at times it is inconvenient for them to take it. Who cooks dinner, and cleans up, house work in exchange for the PRIVELEDGE of driving the AV.


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Blulanche said:
An 18 year old driving YOUR AV??!! My wife doesn't even drive mine.

I have had mine 1 year and my wife has driven it twice.

Once a check ride in case she needed to in an emergency. About 20 minutes.

The other for one day when I needed to go to a rough part of town for a conference and we swapped cars.