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How Do I Remove Sail Panels?


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Apr 15, 2003
Did a search on "Sail Panel Removal" and only got a couple of hits that didn't directly answer my question.

Just bought a pre-owned 2002 2500 Av. The previous owner had drilled holes on the inside sail panels for some reason. They took whatever it was that they mounted up so now I'm left with four ugly holes on both sides of the inner sail panels.

I bought some new panels and attempted to install them but couldn't figure out how to get the old panels off of the Av.

I removed the plastic screws from the inner sail panel, removed the Torx bolts from the center panel (with the brake light) both from the top and bottom.

I tired pulling on the panel but it seems to be stuck. Are there some hidden bolts? Do I just keep pulling as one of the other threads made mention of double sided tape?

I just don't want to snap/break any tabs....

Any help would be greatly appreciated....

first, take the rain grates out from the bottom area near the sails. Then remove the screws as you did before. Now you need to know that the two-part panels (front and back) have interlocking tabs along the seams where they mate, and these may have held you up last time (and they plug into the bottom area with retainer clips as well? I forget, I had them off over ?year ago). I had them off in connection with my rear facing lights install, the advice I left behind there might contain some info on the sail panel removal issue.

Take it slow and gentle and try to get a look behind there to see what is is that is hanging you up - clip or whatever - so you don't break anything - they will come off.
remove the 6 screws from the top of the center panel.

remove the 2 bottom screws from the center panel.

pull hard on the top of the center panel. ?it has 2 sided tape that will have to be replaced.

remove the drain grate by prying up.

remove the plastic screws from the sail panel.

remove the inner half of the sail panel.

pull straight UP to remove the outer sail panel from the body.

bgruhn76 said:
Do these instructions include the 07+??

Any pics of this? I like pictures..LOL
should apply...
Make sure you have a lot of clips, because you are going to break them taking the sail panels off
When you remove the screws, you also have to remove the plastic piece that the screw goes into.
Check this thread on what to do while you have it apart.