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How Does Your Avalanche Handle In The Snow?



HOLY SNOW :eek: Just came back from playing in the snow here in NEW YORK >:D I pulled out 6 trucks while I was out. ?The Avy handles great not like the 4 Ford and 2 older Chevys I pulled out. (lol) ?Have fun be safe. ?AJ
I have played lots in the snow in 4-hi and she's incredible. Just for fun, I even went in 4-lo just for good measure. There is plenty of grunt to help get those less fortunate 2WD cars and trucks out of their predicaments!

I posted something on this elsewhere, but since you asked :rolleyes: ;D. . . . My wife and I were cruising in the 17" snow here yesterday afternoon and early evening. We were going through UNPLOWED streets, where no one could get out. My Z71 didn't even flinch. It just wanted more. We even did some house hunting in the snow yesterday! HA! We were having so much fun, we didn't even want to go home.

I'm really impressed by the torque and grab the mighty beast has. It's nothing like the Cherokees and other 4-bys I've driven. Altogether, a different animal! (y)
This is my first new truck and i'll tell you Chevy and 4 wheel drive have come a long way since my 78 K5 Blazer & 88 BroncoII. This truck kicks ass >:D
Well there is about 25-30 inches on the ground here in Maryland and It just stoped about and hour ago. I was out in it this morning 4 wd- hi and worked great. The streets in my neighborhood hevent ben plowed and no issue. I'll be going back out later to have more fun.
Hell, put down the keyboard and go play. We won't hold it against you. You can tell us all about it when you are back to work ;)

Same here in Pa. 24 - 30 inches, 3 to 5 ft drifts, the Av blows through them like a hot knife through butter. ?What a blast!!!!!! :) :) :)

Added 02/17/03 18:51

I managed to get it stuck. Tried to blast up an alley and half way through ran into a pile of snow from some shoveled out cars. Pile of snow won hands down. Had to get out shovels and dig front end out enough to move forward a bit and then back out in 4 low. :( :(
I let you knwo how my AV handles when we actually get snow!!! I was so excited for the winter, but we got hardly any snow here in Chi-town this year. The winter is'nt over quite yet, so there is still a chance, but come on, lets be realistic. Maybe next year. I hear all this about the East getting 30 inches. I think we maybe got 30 inches so far this winter!!!!! The most snow I've been in this year was about 6-8....that was in Michigan. Oh Well...enjoy the snow!!!!!

If I were to get 30" I would stay home no matter what I drove!
I enjoyed snow testing my Av yesterday and today during the storm (DC area got around 15-21"). Stock tires and all the beastie was wonderful! :B:

Was impressed by the power in both 4hi and churning ability in 4lo (negotiating 2-3 ft snow walls). ?>:D
We got well over 2 ft. here in this part of MD. :eek: My Av simply rocks in the snow. Chevy got it right when they named it Avalanche! >:D

Truckman :B:
for the last 3 months I've been in 4hi and Auto4wd more than in 2wd. blowin' down the street at 55mph.
4-6inches unplowed, just a throwin' snow! :eek:

Yeee Haaaw >:D

It's great livin' in the Lake Effect Snow Belt of Lake Erie!
Avrunner said:
So....my guess is the Z66 Av is no-good in high snow? ?:cautious:

Well, it's two wheel drive, back wheel drive nonetheless. Apparently for back wheel drive, the Z66 is pretty good but you can't expect anything with back wheel drive to be really capable unless there's a ton of weight in the back.
CoAvZ71 said:
Well, it's two wheel drive, back wheel drive nonetheless. ?Apparently for back wheel drive, the Z66 is pretty good but you can't expect anything with back wheel drive to be really capable unless there's a ton of weight in the back.

The Z66 is perfectly capable if it is 71 degrees and you live in Arizona! ?


If you live in the NE, you better have a Z71 and carry good straps to bail out the poor folks out there!


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(y) Alot of these post are from people who are not "snow bound" I have never owned a vehicle that did so well in 2HI ;D I rarely have to hit 4HI. I dont know why but it handles the snow and ice wonderfully in 2 wheel drive, must have something to do with the whole 7200 lbs >:D
Not a lot of snow here but there has been a lot of ice. My Z-71 did great. I even assisted a state trooper yesterday. ;D
i think my silverado handled better in the snow. just seems that way to me.......anyone else ever have a silverado and then go to the av?
18" in ohio and my z66 did fine on the not plowed roads but then i msde my hubby drive me to work in it and all my co-workers are surprised its NOT 4wd and gets through the snow so well.
;DBest vehicle I've ever driven in the snow...blows away my old K5 Blazer
We haven't had much snow in my part of Michigan this year, but it did good last year when we made 3 trips to the u.p. to go snowmobiling.
Love that auto 4 wheel drive. :love:
Glad to hear all us Avy guys had all this fun in the snow. Everyone at work all day (Female Dog & MOAN) the snow the snow the snow. I had a great time lots of fun and had a grin on all day thinking about my drive to the beachs out on Long Island late Sundat night. Have fun all be safe. Lets hope for more snow. >:D AJ