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How Far Have You Gone?


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Jul 24, 2002
Jackson, NJ
I'm just curious what's the most miles ya'll have put on a tank of gas (in your Av).

My personal best to date is 493.7 - took 29.005 gallons (and $45.00) to fill it back up. Half of the "empty" mark was above the needle on the fuel guage.

I calculated that when the low fuel warning came on I had about 5 gallons left.

On my Brickyard 400 trip this past August, I went straight from St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN to outside of the Chicago western suburbs (I-290) prior to Gary, In on the first tank. It was about 475 miles. Unfortunately, I didn't fully fill the tank because they were charging $1.59 at the Oasis stops. I just put in $10 as I knew gas in Indianna near Indy is far cheaper. It was, $1.19 in Lebanon, IN. It ended up being about 36 gallons for 640 miles as I tracked about 17.75 MPG.

I have gone 525 miles on a tank. It took just over 27 gallons to fill it back up. At 19.4 mpg, it was also the best gas mileage I have gotten to date with the Av.
OMG :eek:

It would be to depressing for me to drudge up those memories compared ot what others have done already.

On my return trip from Wild West 2002 and vacation I went from Modesto, California to Vacaville, California. Then from Vacaville, California to Grants Pass, Oregon with a detour in Yreka. That was 461 miles - the Av took 29.5 gallons (YIKES) for a paltry 15.6 MPG. However from Yreka north it was largely an uphill climb through a number of mountain passes so overall I'm pleased. Driving down to Wild West 2002 on my first leg of the trip, even with two tires on my roof I got 17+ MPG, the best I've ever seen.

Must be my heavy right foot. >:D
At 2000 miles on my Z71.
My best tank so far was 428.00 miles on 27.343 gallons, which makes my mileage 15.653 :D: . I am keeping an Excel file of my mileage and fuel usage since inception. I have been running 87 octane. After my baseline testing has been completed and the engine has fully broken in, I plan on trying other grades and determining which grade yields the best mileage, then which grade is the most cost effective taking into account the added cost of the high fuel grades.
I'll post my findings in the near future as I commute about 600 miles a week.


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Greeley, Colorado to Lincoln, Nebraska

465 miles, 27 gallons, 17 mpg

non-stop, on cruise at 82 mph on the freeways, A/C on.

didn't think that was too bad.
My best mileage was 540 on a trip home from Gatlinburg to the St. Louis area. I got 18.7mpg. For fillups, 29.3 :eek: was the most I have put in, I was on my way to work, and figured I was safe, but that was cutting it close.
Driving from Edmonton, AB to Philadelphia, PA and then back to Edmonton, AB, I occasionally decided to see how far I could travel between filling the tank.

On the return drive, after leaving Manitoba, I managed to drive through Saskatchewan, which I believe to be the flattest terrain anywhere in the world. I managed to drive 610.2 miles on 30.2 gallons of fuel, resulting in an average fuel economy of 20.2 mpg. This compares to my average 525 miles per tank of fuel, or approximately 18 mpg. (Unless specifically testing my fuel economy, I do not spend time to top off the tank. Though other times, I overfill it; when fueling up last week, someone came over to ask me about the truck and its fuel economy. At that time, I _was_ topping up the fuel and was so engrossed in the conversation that he had to tell me that I was pumping fuel onto the ground. :) )
One day, we drove from just west of Chicago to Lincoln, NE. That's about 450 miles. It's not a record but that's impressive. On one tank of a combination of city and highway driving, we got about 400 miles to which included going up to Breckenridge, Colorado Springs, Boulder and a bunch of other places. Each time we fill the tank, there are always a few gallons left but the gauge always says it's on empty and then comes the low fuel sign. I think the gauge is a little off just so that nobody runs out of gas :).
The longest I have went was 474 miles and put 27 gal in - the AV was getting 17.6 mpg - thus leaving .5 gallon in the tank I could have went about 530 miles
The first time I checked the mileage, I was towing my 4200lb :eek: Off Road Vehicle to an off road park.

Towing my Off Roader vehicle flat, with Tow/Haul on and in 3rd gear (hills) at 80 mph ;D, I got 10.2 mpg :9:. I haven't checked it since, I'm just greatful it is a company truck and they pay for all of my fuel!
I went 469.6 miles on 23.44 gallons...averaged 20.03 MPG this past weekend.

At that pace I could have gone roughly another 140 miles to put me over the 600 mark.

I'm leaving for Huntsville, Alabama tomorrow and am anxious to see if I can duplicate that kind of fuel mileage.
I took a trip to Denver, Co. and the best I got was 18.5 mpg - about 500 miles on a tank before filling up. Since then, 450 is about the farthest on a tank and the mpg is 16-17.5. I don't know why it varies so much, but I don't really care too much. Got my Z71 smooth body Avalanche on March 14 and now have 6645 miles on it so I guess the mileage is going to be like it is now.