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How long is a warranty repair covered?

Leon Felps

New Member
Mar 27, 2007
I had the tailgate lock and handle replaced under warranty at the end of November. Now it is siezed again, I can get the key in, but it won't turn.
I brought it back to the dealer and now that my warranty has run out, they say that GM only covers this for 3 months after the original repair. 3 months seems a little low for something like this.
Can anybody help with any information on this
2004 Z71 now 65000kms
It seems that 90 days is about what they cover repairs for. I agree, for what they charge it is not long enough. If you have a good relationship with your dealer ask them to take care of it as a "courtesy"!

Ohh,  :welcome: to the club!

one repair I had on my last truck was one year or 12,000 miles. It should show on the reciept you get from your service department.
90 days sounds about right, it also sounds like there is some other contributing issue to this that might not have been addressed correctly
Gm's policy....the part is warranted for the duration of the warranty, so if you go in for a warranty repair at 29,999 miles, and part fails at 30,001 miles, your out of warranty, you pay for the repair.  Now if you payed for the part and labour than its one year parts and labor on the part that was installed. Your only chance is a goodwill repair but thats up to the service manager at your dealer.
36,000 is correct, my mistake, In canada its 60,000 kms( where i am located), i did the conversion wrong in my head...lol.
If it is something like this call GM. The dealer turned me down for replaceing my steering shaft because I was 3,000 miles out of warranty. I called GM customer service and explained to them that it had been lubed 2 times and never really fixed and that I wanted one thats the new design. She said they would give me a new one. woohooo
In reply to the question "how long is it warrantied".  ???  Example - Let's say your vehicle has 29,951 miles on it & 6 months left on the time.  If a part was replaced under warranty, (6,049 miles & 6 months left) it has the remainder of the factory warranty or 12months / 12,000 miles which ever is longer. 

Also your GM store should be taking care of the I-shaft problems for you up to 80,000 - 100,000 miles.
They ended up not covering my I-shaft cause I was lowered. I know it was a load of crap but I didnt feel like argueing.