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How Many Tags Have You Made?

How Many Tags Have You Made?

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SM 2003
Full Member
Jun 29, 2002
Redondo Beach, CA
I've read a recent posting about one member who tagged 5 AVs at a softball game and another member who tagged 4 AVs. ?I was just wondering how many member's have tagged AVs both verbal and written.
lets see i've printed up five each three times so i guess thats fifteen plus several have seen my tail gate with the clubs web site on it :eek: :eek: :eek:
I haven't counted how many, but it's a lot, since I've been tagging since brochures were available. I wished I had an idea of how many people actually came to the site, as a result of tagging.
I've tagged somewhere in the vicinity of 50 I think. I printed out 40 flyers the first time and I'm several tags into my second batch now.
taging started out slow because people are hard to stop on the road but I got some flyers at one of the meets and have been taging evere since word of mout about 25 flyer about 30 or so I think this is a verry good site and should be shared by all that own this great truck see ya at the meet or in the parking lot
oh I joind this group by surfing the net
Currently handing out the second hundred.

I have printed up 250 now. Printing them 50 at a time from the start and have printed them 5 batches.

Christmas shopping season is a great time for tagging. You cruise the lot looking for a parking space anyway.... right. ?;D

So far I have only tagged one member with a sticker. I just wanted to say I but couldn't wait for them to come out of the store. That way they know we saw their AV.
Tagged 11 in one week, but like mentioned above. Have not seen anyone come back and say "HEY I GOT TAGGED" :-[
Oh well, I'll just have to keep it up. AV's are popping up all over down here in South LA.