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How Much Did That Rig Cost?


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
My eight-year old managed to get in huge trouble at school today (that's another story) so I had to leave work to pick the little criminal up. Where I work we are surrounded by construction and I was sitting at a stop sign behind another car when one of the locals from the brotherhood (read union construction workers) goes walking by.

So the guy stops, looks for a few seconds, walks back and asks me to roll down the window.

"If you don't mind me askin', how much did this cost 'ya?"

So I told him what I paid straight out. Wow, that's a nice looking rig, then it was does it have a lot of room, what kind of engine. The next thing I know if got the engine shut down right there in the middle of the road, the tailgate open, talking about the midgate.

He seemed depressed about the price but I told him that mine was a loaded out 4X4 and he could get very nice 2-WD models for under $30K if he worked the dealer. The coversation ended when the Ford Explorer that pulled up behind us got tired of waiting (heh heh heh - too bad buddy).

Never have I stopped in the middle of a busy city street to give a demo of my vehicle!
:rolleyes:I dyin to know, what did your eight year old do? Lemme guess, recited the Pledge of Allegience? Prayed publicly? Told the teacher about a hunting trip where you both bagged a six pointer?
Ahhnuld said:
:rolleyes:I dyin to know, what did your eight year old do? Lemme guess, recited the Pledge of Allegience? Prayed publicly? Told the teacher about a hunting trip where you both bagged a six pointer?

Ugh - I knew politics would come up sooner or later. You'll be happy to know that my son recites the Pledge of Allegiance every single day in his classroom with his peers. If my kids school ever moved to ban the pledge, I would form a parents group to recite it every morning when they raise the colors in protest.

You'll even be happier to know about this. Right before Martin Luther King Day the children of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade did a program about the history and life about Martin Luther King. Songs sung included O! Sinner Man, Swing Low, Amazing Grace, and others. It was like being at a Baptist Tent Revival. No they don't pray in school but I was very happy at how close to skirting the edge they came (really impressive when you consider this is the loopy liberal west coast!)

My wife and I are very active in the PTA (and major contributors to the school) so I'm sure at this upcoming Monday meeting someone is going to complain about the overly religious nature of the musical program (I can feel it in my bones). Hey - providing a majority of the music departments budget has it's advantages. ;)

We don't hunt, never was my thing. Only shooting I do of wild animals is through a camera lense. In the interest of total disclosure I'm against sport hunting. If you eat what your shooting or fishing I'm fine with that. But shooting something for the sake of shooting something - just doesn't seem right.

No what David did was pretty bad. While driving on icy streets and roads he was completely out of control on the bus. Then when they got off, in plain view of the driver and teacher, he beat the crap out of another student for no reason (honest) :-[

About two years ago he broke a TON of rules and went out on his own with our dog off a leash. The dog got under a metal fence and fell into a swimming pool and drowned right in front of my son. My little boy screamed for help but no one came. He moved a big picnic table on his own to the fence, climbed over and jumped down seven feet (that's the power of adrenline), and pulled our dog from the pool where he died in his arms. It was about that time that someone finally came along and helped.
:cry: :cry: :cry:

David hasn't been the same since. The bittersweet thing that we're thankful for is that he didn't fall into the pool himself - I could have buried a lot more than a dog that week! :(

It took him 18 months to even talk about it, and he just started crying about it a couple months ago. Tough thing to learn at barely six years old that the world is not always a safe place.
:eek:Wow! I guess I got more than I bargained for in an answer.
I admire your principles and share all of them. My curiosity got me for a moment and typically everytime I read or hear about "school problems", it is typically because the child was being a normal kid, or practicing his/her right as an American to some degree. I am a huge fan of the original, unammended Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I sincerely hope your son overcomes the grief of his loss. I certainly share the same feelings as you, when it comes to my children.

Thanks for your candid reply, and for the outstanding site you put up for all of us to enjoy.