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How much does 2002 1500 Z71 Avalanche weigh For towing

I second Wildfire, as far as a dry weight, but what are you trying to use the weight for? I took mine to a weigh station a few weeks ago and it came in at 6470lbs with a full tank of gas, the stuff I normally keep in the side compartments, toolboxes that I keep in the back, and with the new mods I has added (second battery, winch bumper, winch etc.). Just something to keep in mind.
Yea thanks,I have a small Travel travel that weighs 3,300 dry,not sure but might be close to 4500-5000 loaded,so i combine the two to make the GCWR.THANKS.
That's pretty much why I weighed mine. I weighed it with the travel trailer and without the trailer making sure everything was happy. The various weight information for the truck is on the drivers door. Most of my mods were for towing but my trailer also has a max GWVR of 7800. If you need any details, let me know.



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