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How Much For Av Insurance??



Traded in my 02 silverado dmax crew for my beloved avalanche. ?Got a call Friday from my agent and they informed me that my rates went up $197.00 every 6 months or nearly $400.00 a year on an avalanche. ?Now my big truck cost $40,000, this one $30,000 and its rating out like a corvette. ?Its actually $50.00 less a year than a Vette. ?I am with a National line and have had great rates until this truck. ?Anyone else experiencing higher rates. ?I'm 40 and never speeded or wrecked, sounds kind of boring but true. ?This might be a group buy that will really benefit us to look into. ?Thanks all

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mmmm... I don't understand that.

On the other end of the spectrum, I have Grange insurance and I couldn't believe it when my rates stayed the same switching from an $18,000 Cavalier Z-24 to a $39,000 Av... :rolleyes:
My agent didn't really have a good answer. I'm not complaining ;D
Mine is the same as the TAHOE I traded in for my truck.....Very good rates....Ask insurance company why the rates are so high....
I pay out the @$$. I'm 22 and living in Jersey, hell I could be drivin
an 84 escort and I'd still be paying ridiculous rates in this state.

Not that I'd ever be driving an 84 escort or anything.

But, I mean you could understand if a 17 year old guy only had $300.00
to spend on a car right?

I'm so ashamed.
I have my insurance with State Farm. My insurance changed only a couple of bucks for 6 months over my 1999 Tahoe. In fact all three of my cars are just a couple of bucks apart in 6 mths premiums. (2000 Alero, 1999 Tahoe, 2002 Av)
I was in the insurance biz for 15 yrs. It just doesn't sound right. They might have run a DMV on you. Have you had any accidents or tickets since you last made a change in your coverage? Most insurance companies won't check for moving violations until you make a change in your coverage or have an accident. If you have been good ;D (no tix) it might be time to shop around.
I had a '96 Ford Tarus with around 30,000 miles on it and I was paying $225/month on insurance. When I traded it in for my 2002 AV, it went up $40. This was with Progressive.

I ditched them for State Farm because SF gave me the exact same coverage for $135/month.

Shop around. (y)
Bruno said:
I have my insurance with State Farm. ?My insurance changed only a couple of bucks for 6 months over my 1999 Tahoe. ?In fact all three of my cars are just a couple of bucks apart in 6 mths premiums. ?(2000 Alero, 1999 Tahoe, 2002 Av)

Same here. I also have State Farm. Up a few bucks from a '00 Silverado. I think it's 30 or 40 dollars for 6 months.


I traded a 3.5 year old Blazer for the Av. My premium when down $1 per six months. No complaints here!

-- SS
Sounds like it is time to shop around - I am paying around $450 every 6 months and my rates went down when I traded in my 98 Nissan Maxima SE for the AV.
Rates on my Av are up slighty from my 2000 Tahoe...but still only $589 per year for my '03 Av. I have my insurance through Liberty Mutual, and have been very happy with them.

It pays to shop around.
Wow! I thought my rates were high...I guess I should be happy:

-2002 Avanlanche = $769/year
-2002 Corvette = $869/year
-2002 Tahoe = $749/year
-1999 Carrera = $1,150/year
-1996 Jetta (19 yr old daughter) = $1,700/year

For reference use Liberty Mutual.....

Not sure how, but coming from a 2000 Chrysler 300M loaded with all the options to a 2002 Avalanche Z66, our insurance actually went down quite a bit. Not sure on actual numbers, but it did go down for whatever reason.

This is with Nationwide. We also have a 16 year old male added to the policy, but put on the oldest vehicle ( (y) (y)me!) I drive the Av all the time, and even to school.....
As usual lots of help. I am going to make a few calls tomorrow (monday). My agent died decemer of last year and you get farmed out when that happens. I was impressed with the corvette rates. I have no tickets or wrecks or claims for that matter and I insure 3 vehicles. So I was surprised too. Again consolidating the great brain trust and buying power of a group like this. Perhaps there is an industrius member in the Insurance biz that has their eyes open.... by the way Washington State is a notorious high rate state for everything... Thanks for all the feedback
i wanted to speak on this topic as well because i am a little afraid here.... you see here in hawaii insurance is already among the highest in the nation as well as everything else with a price here. on my 96 rodeo i pay about 500$ every 6 months! and with a clean traffic abstract! and i am happy more or less with it. i was paying out about 800 every six months about 4 years ago. hopefully it wont be so bad.
Mine went up about $40/6mo. from my 1993 K2500 Sierra.
Well I'm not sure if mine went up or not ,I traded in my 2000 1/2 tonne for the 2002 AV.Well it might have went up a bit,but then my wife started working for ING ins. and we pay on 2-2002 is 175. a month can.
My wife KIA mini van is rated higher then my AV.

I :love:my :B:AV
I may have to look into a few of these. I know rates from state to state, but i have paid within 20 dollars the same on the last 3 vehicles, 2000 Z71, 2001 yukon, 2002 Avalanche. 529 every 6 months and that is with no tickets or accident and that includes multiple car discount and others like alarm system, air bags and such.
Have been with State farm since i was 15, lets see that is 25 years,,,,,,,i'll be checking around. that is with 100 comp/ 500 collision plus towing and uninsured motorist plus a few other items............
good post, gives comparison rates......something for us to look at.. (y)
This is with Nationwide. ?We also have a 16 year old male added to the policy, but put on the oldest vehicle ( (y) (y)me!) ?I drive the Av all the time, and even to school.....[/quote]

This is interesting, as I had this argument with my Nationwide Agent some years back. (wow, about 22 - 23 yrs) when my Daughter started driving. They wouldn't let me add her to the old car that she would be driving. I was told she had to be added to the highest valued vehicle then she was covered (and them too) no matter which vehicle she drove.
You guys are pretty lucky
I reged my AV thru my buis with towing rights and miles
I have outstanding driving and no tickets or kids
I pay over $2100 a year
luckily its rightoffable
We have state farm. Our rates dropped. :D Went from a Jeep Grand Cherokee. It didn't drop a whole bunch. Only about 8-10 bucks