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How Much To Register Your Av?


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Jan 18, 2002
New Jersey - Exit 5
I just got my registration renewal notice here in NJ and almost fell off my chair. I couldn't believe it cost $96 for one year! The DMV gets you coming and going. How much do you pay in your state?
Let me see if I understand you...
$96 and you complain??????
I haven't renewed yet, but my original registration back in May was $475. I have a 2500 in California. Gov Davis signed the Greenhouse Gas bill this year so I'm certain that my bill will be going down in the future. hahahahaha!
Remind me not to move to the west coast! I was comparing the $96 to the $45 I pay to register my Grand Am.

That greenhouse gas bill is a total farce! I think 90% of the country's environmentalists must live in California! :3:
$87/year here in FL... every December for all vehicles weighing over a certain weight... forget what the weight is but the AV is over it.

$96! My 03 z66 in California was $486 for registration at the time of purchase. :8:
In NH we pay excise tax to the municipality you live in starting at $18 per $1000 based on the new car value (I forget which book they use). That drops by $3 per $1000 every year to $3 per $1000 but the car value remains the same for the life of the car. I paid a little less since I was transferring a reg. so I get a credit from the old vehicle, but a $35000 vehicle will cost you $630 the first year, and never less than $105 in the sixth and later years. Vehicles are registered in your birth month (except for leases, but that's another story), so the mil rates get pro-rated from the month you buy to your birth month.

On top of that you pay for the plates, which in the weight class the AV (5000-8000) is about $50.

Of course we don't pay general sales tax or have a state income tax so the money has to come from somewhere (mostly property tax :eek: ).
Uh oh!! Registration...........I knew I forgot something. Oops!!!

Well I just checked mine for CA. $420.....but since I'm late I'll be paying $460.

Registration Fee..................$30
Vehicle License Fee.............$682
Weight Fee..........................$154
Special Plate Fee.................$0
County/District Fees............$8
Owner Responsibility Fee....$0
Smog Abatement Fee..........$6

VLF Offset............................$-460 (gee, isn't that nice)

Total Due.............................$420

All of this $$$$ for registration and we still have the worst roads in the nation!!! Hmmmmm, wonder where all that money goes???
midlifecrisis said:
I just got my registration renewal notice here in NJ and almost fell off my chair. ?I couldn't believe it cost $96 for one year! ?The DMV gets you coming and going. ?How much do you pay in your state?
$96..... ??? I just renewed my registration not to long ago and paid nothing close to that price midlife....my registration was $76......did the dirty deed right online at the DMV site.... :B:
My 02 AV was $68. 00
My wifes 01 Corolla was $74.00

This Corolla is quarter the size of the AV and the Insurance is about $60.00 more a year.
That was the ONE good thing Jesse "The Governor" Ventura did for us Minnesotan's. When I got my Expedition, registration was $575, second year was $489. Luckily on my third year, his law took effect. I believe you still pay the rediculous amount at purchase. Second year is $119 or $129 and then every year after that is $89 (I believe). And MikesTNF, I would love to see your roads as ours here are not much to brag about either. They say we have two seasons here: winter and road construction!

Wow, Jesse actually did something up there, eh? I'm not a big fan of his, but I still think I would take him over Grey Davis. Pete Wilson (our last governor) reduced our fees by a good amount, but I won't be surprised if Davis raises them again next year.

I would imagine it's pretty tough to keep the roads up with all the freezing weather you have up in Minnesota. But out here in CA, there is no excuse for it. Lately they seem to be doing a bit more construction to appease the drivers........but not quite enough.
Here in Pennsylvania my truck is registered as a STATION WAGON ;D ;D ;D
Fee $ 36.00 Yearly Inspection $78.00 (safety & exhaust emission)
Saw a z71 with truck plates and class 2 rating not a 2500

Here's the record folks: I don't remember exactly what it was but it was around $700 :eek: :7:. Stupid CO state gov't! This year we owe $481 for it.

Our Avalanche has car plates. All the AVs that I've seen have truck or recreational vehicle plates. Blueruck thought that this was a mistake and that we were overcharged. We checked on it and we were told that the Avalanche was thought of as an SUV in these parts. They said we could get truck plates but it would cost even more :8:.
In WV we get hit for a 5% sales tax first year plus plates.

The Av runs me $30 per year for plates plus personal property tax. Won't know till next july how much it is.

The county collect this and they are a year behind on billing.
I bought my Av in October, when I registered it I had the sales tax of course, but the actual tag and registration fee is around $45... the real trick comes when the property tax is due on it, but the way Missouri works, you get charged in December for what you owned in Jan of that year so I won't have to pay property tax on my Av til Dec 03 ;D
I had the privelege of paying over $2800 for tax and license when I bought the Av. Thankfully we don't pay the yearly excise tax anymore. License renewal should be under $100. I'll find out in February.
Ack! Thwapt! $460! I'm thinking of buying an AV in the next few days and I'm depressed thinking of paying that. We're considering a move to Washington State and hear its cheaper, just hope I can get a refund from California if we move. :8:
midlifecrisis said:
Hmmmm......I wonder if it matters where in NJ you live? ?Or type of Av you own? ?This is quite intriguing.......
How does the Av show up on your registration midlife...mine shows up as wagon...you think maybe that may have something to do with it...... :B:
In Michigan we pay 6% sales tax when we apply for the vehicle title, $10.50 for the title, another $10 to transfer the existing plates. Total for mine was 2,191.00

I just got the renewal for the plates that expire on my B-Day. $148 for 2003. The Av is titled as a pickup in Michigan.

Y-Guy said:
Ack! Thwapt! $460! I'm thinking of buying an AV in the next few days and I'm depressed thinking of paying that. We're considering a move to Washington State and hear its cheaper, just hope I can get a refund from California if we move. :8:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but....In WA we pay about 8.3% tax plus or minus a few tenths depending on where you live. I don't know what you pay in CA, but if it's less than the 8.3%, WA will want you to pay the difference when you move here....The only good news is that the tabs themselves should be cheaper, under $100...

Lucky for me, I'm about to move back to NM, which is 3% IIRC, I'm thinking of just buying in OR before I leave and then registering it over xmas....