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How To Help Out The Fan Club & The Chief


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
OK, I'm caving in. No man can stand alone. I have to thank the moderators and gandolphxx in particular for all their help - and I have to thank everyone for being great and keeping things clean and respectful here! (y)

With that said I'm putting up a help wanted list. Please keep the discussion here. I just went through (check this out) 208 e-mails :eek: from 4-15 to 4-30! That's about what I get at the real job! So please - IM me or just reply here.

1) I need some one to check out the links in the resource section. You'd have to do it just once a month and all your doing is two things. Checking for broken links and checking for links that no longer point to the right information (that's why an automated script won't cut it). If you find broken links you report it to me via e-mail or IM. Pretty simple.

2) I need someone who is familar with HTML and can work within the constraints of a template to go through the back log of Chevy Avalanche owner's reviews. This is a pretty big task as there are about 40 reviews that need processing. Once the HTML is done I'll integrate into the site and publish. You'll have to check spelling and the info is inputted from a form - so it is tedious (to be honest).

3) I need a few someones to work on the bylaws. If an attorney would be willing to do the work pro bono even better. I have bylaws that simply need to be modified.

4) I need an attorney to help with 501-c (7) non-profit organization social club filing with the Secretary of State for the State of Washington. This would have to happen after the bylaws are done (as part of the filing requires the presentation of bylaws and the listing of officers). This will allow us to do a TON of cool stuff, help make things more legit to the outside world, and give us even more traction with Chevy dealers and GM.

5) I need a few somebodies to suggest links for the resource center. Can really be anybody. If it's related to the Avalanche it can go in. I suggest you take a look at how things are set up now - notice most of the product links go directly to the Avalanche specific materials.

6) I need someone to help finish out the Owner's FAQ. This area has been under construction for two months and I've had no time to even touch it. It's important because it is one of the most visited sections on the site. The frame work is already laid out. It's template work again but a lot of cut and paste from the Avalanche Owner's Manual in PDF.

7) Looking for a couple global moderators. Couple of job requirements on this one. You need to have been here at least 60 days and have made at least 100 posts to be considered. You would have Chief like powers in all areas, including configuration, putting the site in maintainance mode, deleting or banning users, etc. If you're interested on this one please IM me.

:cool: I hate to do this but I'm going to do it. I want to purchase the Web Data database engine from Web Teacher. This is an easily customized and very powerful engine. One license allows for multiple uses within the site. With the engine I can create a searchable database for Avalanche parts, a database that users can input a dealer review system, a database to track MPG, and other features as they come along. The engine is $199 -- I can put some skin in the game but if some one wants to help out...

9) I need reader ride pictures! Want your picture featured on the front of the Avalanche site. Well bring it on! You can simply reply to this thread and do an attack and say here it is. Couple of guide lines - the image needs to be clear. No ugly backgrounds (no homes, chain link fence etc. etc.). Make sure it's of a good angle - make sure you don't have part of your Av clipped off or something.

Well - that's the low hanging fruit. Give me a few hours sleep and I'm sure I'll think of more >:D

If you're interested and want to help step on up - together we can as Emeril says, "kick it up a notch!"
Once I post 100 times, I would be interested in moderating, if you are interested. (I am responding here because you are not online to Instant Message.)

The only other area where I may be of assistance is with the FAQ.

I will continue to monitor this thread, but if you need to get in touch with me, you know my e-mail address.

Keep up the good work and talk to you soon.
I am always willing to contribute more....I have to think about what area would be my strongest....I'm not familiar with html or anything web related... :C:
I jumped into the cruise coordinator thing right away, boss. I am willing to help, but am very busy right now (as we all are) and don't see a great match. I have worked some HTML. but need more info from you on job #2 before I say yea verily.

Send me a note with more information on what I would need to do. Even if I am not capable, keep me on the "interested in helping" list.

David "Snuffy" Smith '92
Chief, just emailed you a "yes" that I can help with the HTML. Also, I am virtually on this site all day so moderating should be OK as well. Just tell me what/when/where and we'll get er done!


I will help.

I am willing to work on the links and also to siggest links for the resource center.

I have loved researching items for my AV and have a lot of links bookmarked.

Let me know what I can do.

Chief, your moving in the right direction ;D

Now lets get the rest of us in motion to follow!

I am kicking in $50 bucks for the software today, need three more - come on, open the pocketbook, only Jack Benny took it with him.

Click right here
on the Resources Page - make sure to note what it is for.

I know we have some lawyers out there, please step up to the line, lets get this charter thing behind us and move forward. It don't have to be fancy, just done - we need the additional support it can bring.

Cheers ;D
Wow! Lots of responses - cool! :love:

First: Congrats to gandolphxx and NJAV to their promotions of Senior Administrators. They now have Chiefly powers and access to all administration controls. I'll be notifying them on some issues via IM (like which red buttons NOT to push). This will really help with policing the board and moving things along quickly. If you have forum type requests feel free to message any of the three of us now.

Second: Bigjohnn - thanks for stepping up on the links! You're hired. First order of business - go check out the current set of links (yup - all of 'em). Let me know if any are broken and either the corrected URL or if they just need to be deleted. This is a HUGE help!

Third: Boar-Ral & timcosco - COOL people to do the FAQ. The good news is the Q part of the FAQ is already done! It's just finding the A part in the owner's manual and inputting them. Take a look at the current format so you can feel for how it is set up. If you're comfortable send me an IM (please use IM) and I'll get you the core template for finishing this out.

Fourth: gandolphxx - thanks for the $50!!! That puts me 50% of the way there (after I kick in my $50). This is a great engine, very customizable and scales awesome. It is currently what is powering our Adventure Finder - but the site license lives on another URL so I can't transfer it here.

Fifth: XRover & jstrickl - I've IM'ed you both about becoming moderators. Hopefully you will be joining up the fold.

Keep those offers of help coming because I'm dealing out the work! :2: :2:

I couldn't swing $50 today, but I had a spare $10 in my paypal account that is now in yours.

Thanks for everything!
I've got lots of good info from here...I'll kick in 15.00 for the pot. That leaves 75.00 left to go.
OK Chief,

Count on me for $25.00.

Don't trust internet financials, no offense to Paypal. I just wrote the check, it will go out with tomorrow's snail mail and you should have it Monday.

I assume the P.O. Box on the back of the brochure is a good address. If the address is different, let me know by tomorrow morning early.

That leaves $50.00. Come on guys, kick the $$$$ in for this great cause.

Steve ;D
OK ... Here is the final $50 for the new Data database engine from Web Teacher.

I will submit a new updated picture on Monday for member rides.

Happy Modding ... and take it easy on the former ricers ;D

Outstanding folks, that was easy.

Now where are the lawyers when you need one, oops thats cops. >:D

PS, if anyone feels generous, a "Ben Franklin" to cover what the Chief threw in would help, he has already donated a lot of time and $$$ to this club we so enjoy.
Hi Chief,

I would like to offer my services for both moderating, and for web design work. That's what I do for a living so... I notice you seem to use FrontPage. I usually am using VisualInterdev myself so FrontPage is not a problem.

Let's get some legal help. I know it's out there somewhere...
Thanks to everyone who took on some additional responsibilities..and to the members in general.....

It's time to drop down in gears and go high!!! COLE ALWAYS GOES HIGH!! (y)

The check left in the mail at noon, Saturday. You should have it Monday. Again, thanks for all the hard work -- that goes for all the board members and moderators, too. ;D

I have installed the Web Data engine - now I need to architect the databases.

For those of you who stepped up to do the HTML for owner's reviews and the FAQ a change in plans - I want to put these in the database engine so it is searchable and changes can be made by a group of people instead of pushing it through HTML.

I should have a couple of the databases architected tonight and have the configuration set up for user accounts.

We're rolling! :love:
Count me in too, for whatever needs to be done, other than the lawyer & by-laws. I too have some HTML knowledge too and am on the net night & day, especially this site. When you figure out who's doing what, just drop me a note and I'll go to work when I'm available. (y)
ok ok ok ok ok ok, sheesh can't a lawyer / Av-owner just ignore most of the board for a few days? :p

Ok Chief, we can take up that thread we had started earlier and put this to bed (I will pm you) - if I recall I had gotten you on the right track and I will go look at where we left off -

Jackalanche, Esq.
Well the first database is set up! The online reviews are going to be moved over into a database - lots of new features. I've forwarded the archive to Jamie who has graciously offered to do the work on this.

FAQ is next!
Second database set up! Boar-Ral and Tim have been informed and they will start working on the FAQ.

Chief is going to go hang out with his family now! ;D ;D
;DOK guys, that did not hurt at all. I chipped in 25.00 for the purchase of the software. Anything we can do to help the site.
I do not know much about HTML's and those things but will fund what i can when the wife is not looking and maybe i will learn some more so i can help out in another way.
Chief Avalanche Fan said:
... 9) ?I need reader ride pictures! ?Want your picture featured on the front of the Avalanche site. ?Well bring it on! ?You can simply reply to this thread and do an attack and say here it is. ?Couple of guide lines - the image needs to be clear. ?No ugly backgrounds (no homes, chain link fence etc. etc.). ?Make sure it's of a good angle - make sure you don't have part of your Av clipped off or something ...

Looks like number 3 wins as my reader ride picture ... "here it is" ?;D