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I Bought One!



After 2 weeks of lurking on this forum and posting once as a guest, I decided that I just had to have one. My hubby agreed and we drove our baby home Thursday night. We decided on 2wd Z66 in Summit White, graphite interior. It's just gorgeous! Thanks all you guys for "talking me into it". I haven't been able to put many miles on it because my 8 year old is home sick - but just wait till she's back in school then I'm going ridin'.
Took your advice and yesterday put on the Lund Interceptor bug shield. Tonight hubby is putting on a backup alarm - lots of kids in my driveway and I don't want to run any over - might get blood on the cladding. LOL.
What else shoud I get?
Make sure you use the double sided tape on the windshield moldings else you will go nutts from the noise it will make due to the deflector.

Mud flaps are a great option.

Also vent visers over the side windows are great for those rainy days.

You made the right choice....now it's time to kick back and enjoy!
What ygmn said. If the folks at Lund haven't put the double sided tape in their kit yet you need to do the modifcation. However congrats on slapping the bug shield on from the word go, you'll be much happier about things!

I am going to be publishing a story this week on how to do the sealing work with the double sided tape (no pictures - just outlining the steps) so don't worry if you don't know what we're talking about.

Congrats on the purchase and welcome!
Congrat! Welcome to the club!

Be sure to print out some of the borchures foer when people ask you about your AV. They will ask...and ask, and ask....
Thats Great Betsy ;)..., Enjoy it for a bit.., then start thinking how You,ll personalize it ;).. Good that You put on the Bug Deflector... I waited a bit to long.., and got two chips in the windshield.., but they where repairable.., thankfully.., Take care of Her.., She's a Woman to.., lol..... Butch. Blk Z71 Loaded, and a work in progess., Smiles.
congrats on your new AV. I assume from reading the rest of this thread, that everyone recommends getting a bug shield. I will keep that in mind when I finally buy mine.
Thanks for the nice welcome.
Bad news tho - drove my daughter to school after a light snow and my AV is now dirty! Bummer, but it still looks better than when my dark green Suburban got dirty. We're moving to Florida in July and my baby (the Av, not the human kind) will never have to get her tootsies wet in snow again.
Congrats on the purchase and welcome to the club - you will not regret your decision - the few [almost 100,000] and the proud! ;D