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I finally got my new av.



I have been "lurky" around for a few months as a guest. ?LOTS of great info on this board. ?Knew I wanted a truck or a SUV a few months ago, but after finding this forum I was deterrmined to own an Avy.

Well after 14 dealers and by just plain "dumb luck" while pricing an '02 the dealer had a new Metallic Grey '03 loaded that hadn't been prep'd for the floor yet. ?Weeellllll ?it is now parked in my garage!!!!! ?

Just wanted to say a bic THANKS!!! to everyone on this board for your posting on advice, issues, mods, experiences, towing infomation, pricing ?etc. ?I would not have bought the Avy if it wasn't for some "dumb luck" and finding CAFCNA forum.

OH.. ?:0:just thought of this ---> ????Hope this isn't a GM subsidiary site (Conspiracy Theory scenario) to try to get people to by Avy's..... ?Either way it worked in my Case....

Thanks again

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Congrats blkfrog and welcome to the board your welcome were glad to help ppl out when they need help have fun with ur new Av :B:
Welcome aboard BlkFrog, and congrtatulations on your 2003! You don't have to worry about any conspiracies. The Chief is out here in the Seattle area and is entirely independent of the "General".
BlkFrog congrats on your new AV. I think you forgot to post your pics.

Congrats on the new '03 love that gray
Welcome aboard

You will have to tells us all about your mods to the new 03' cant wait

Good luck with your truck
Welcome aboard BlkFrog!

Not sorry you were forced to buy an Av. You'll love it.

BTW - We need some metallic gray pics. How about posting some?
Welcome to the wonderful world of Avalanching.

Tell us what your Gray Beauty has on it!

ARe you going to add anything to it?
Gabe said:
BlkFrog congrats on your new AV. ?I think you forgot to post your pics.


Blkfrog - you should know from lurking we are a visual group :) Congrats on your new AV - that smile is hard to hide :)
Another victim

Welcome to the Mod Zone....(twilight zone music playing in the back ground)........... Congrats on ur new Baby ;D
I just thought that I need to also pass on a big "THANKS" to all the members of this board for your help and advice on all things Avalanche related... and some not.

You probably know I've been hanging around here for a while (actually only 6 weeks) but you may not know that I have actually ordered my avy through a shipping agent in Halifax, Canada. You guys have been a huge help and it's because of your help that I was able to steer right the dealer in a few areas that he wasn't sure about.

I've ordered a black 2003 2500 4x4 fully loaded and as yet I don't have the build or shipping dates, I'll keep you all updated as to my progress.

Thanks for all your help. :love:

Skidd 7;)
YIPPY Is it official Are you the first with a 2003?

Congrats and post pics of your new baby. Can't wait to see a Yellow one.

Congratulations on being one of the first to own the 03' Avalanche..hope you have as much fun as the rest of us with these babies....break out the wallet and get ready to rumble!!!.. :B:
Thanks, I should have known to post pics.... guess I was to excited and it totally blew my mind. I will get some up. I just boght the first MOD...... amber DRLs and will be installing them this morning. Next. looking at Flowmasters and new breathing system so my baby can get more air. Getting lots of info on these mods on the forum, great info.

Your right avz66 the new dark gray is a color you gotta love.

For everyone whom asked. My Avy is an 03 Z71, Dark Metallic Gray, custom leather seats (in gray), Bose audio, sunroof, XM, Onstar, tow package (optional on the 03), power folding mirrors. Basically all the options except the roof rack.

Gotta go put my amber lights in...... see ya!!!!!
Thanks for helping to spend my money irontrain, I I knew I could count on someone for excellent money spending ideas..... Acutally the billet grille and polished bow tie were ordered today along with the 2nd row seat cover and the extend-a-bed gate. I won't be using the extend-a-bed gate to extend the bed, it just happens to be the perfect size for keeping several SCUBA bottles from rattling around inside the truck bed.... $$$ already being spent and haven't even had the truck 72 hours........

I'll have to look at goo's spoiler, hadn't seen that yet....
Don't forget the blower...for those added ponies..that would be nice...and maybe a set of 20's for the show..to go with the....go.... :B:
BlkFrog....you lucky guy. That '03 gray sounds fantastic! Can't wait to see the pictures... Keep an eye on your wallet and get your shoulders in shape for all the washing and waxing.
Guys I'm Back with my New AV.

I'll take pictures when I get the Chance.

This time around I got it loaded out. ?Z71, Leather, Heated Buns, Onstar, White Letter Tires, Chrome sidesteps & sunroof, only thing missing is the roofrack. ?

I went back to the dealer and told them what had happen to my AV, and the manager insisted the car salesmen do whatever it took to get me into one.

I got a really good deal on it. ?
MSRP ? ? ? ? ? ? $38800
Purchase ? ? ? $32300
Plus I got 0% financing.

Now I got to afford the insurance on the beast ;)

I only paid 1300 more for this one and it got the works.

Build date 12/01.

Thx Everyone,


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Glad to hear that things worked out for you, Anhandrew!