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I Got Into A Minor Accident


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Feb 28, 2002
Sacramento, CA.
Yesterday, as I was pulling out of the curb another car was making a right into a parking lot. My front driver corner bumper rubbed against his rear tire. The bumper pulled slightly from the body. I just pushed it back in.

Unfortunately, I have to replace the whole darn thing. The facia costs about $437 from the dealer. Fortunately, the guy I had an accident has a friend who owns a repair shop who is willing to put the bumper on at no charge (I decided to not put in a claim to save us both money in the long run).

I post pictures when I get back home.

In the meantime anyone know how to get rid of the black tire marks from the bumper?
Post pic's . . . how bad is it - any cracks or just scuff marks? If mild solvents (tar and bug remover) won't get the black off, I'd use a really coarse sandpaper very gently to carefully remove the ground inblack residue. But, I'm guessing that the remaining scuff marks might still look pretty bad.

Search the site for a front bumper price. I think it can be had for $250 or so, but don't know what shipping adds to such a large item.
It's not terribly bad, just scuff marks and burned off cladding. I'll post pictures as soon as I get back home.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Thanks all. Just waiting for the new facia to arrive. Maybe another week or so.