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I Just Got Another Av! (well Sort Of)


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May 7, 2002
So Cal
Picked this up today, I remember reading that all we're missing is a lowered Av in one of the threads about lift kits.

It came already lowered with the cladding painted but everything else appears to be stock. I'll consider adding some mods like FIPF, Flowmasters, headers and maybe a whipple after I finish his big brother. ;D


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02_2500avalanche said:
thats awesome. where did you get it and what scale is it? i need to get one of those >:D
You can find this and other Av models, including radio controlled big ones on ebay. Just do a search under chevy avalanche or chevrolet avalanche. If you don't put in chevy or chevrolet you will get anything with the word avalanche in the title or description.
I actually picked it up at a mini-mart. I went in to get some gum and there it was in a display rack there was only one Avalanche and it was the same color as my rig so I had to get it.

It's a Jada Toys DubCity series 2001 Avalanche, 1/24 scale.


eBay would probably be the best place to start but most toy stores should have them.
Hopefully those mini AV's will be considered collector's items one day.....years from now you could probably have a small fortune.... ;D :B:
funny how its a "2001 Chevy avalanche"....
:p listed on the website anyways..