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I Love To Us My AV To Help Friends Move


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May 28, 2002
La Vernia, TX
Well I have used my AV many time for helping friends/family move. ?I helped my grandpa move from La Grande to Portland, my uncle from Molalla, OR to Colton, OR and now I am helping one of my friends help move to his new house. ?So he has a 1993 GMC Ext. Cab short box, so we loaded it to the top. ?So then I pull up the AV and he says "man we can't fit much in there" I say "want to bet" anyways I folded down the mid-gate, removed the rear window and put my box extender out. He said "WOW" so we loaded up my AV and off we went. I just can't get over how versatile these vehicles really are. ?Ahh just another AV lover here :love:

Attached: is a pic of my AV loaded with alot of his stuff in the back of my AV. ?I took this pic before we even got done loading my AV up.


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I also have helped a friend move. We used my AV and his Ford pickup. No comparison on how much more we stashed in my AV compared to his Ford. He is now awaited the day when he can purchase his own AV.
Lance, great to see you had the camera with you. The ultimate photo would have been how big the pile of stuff that came out of the av was compared to the pile that came out of the GMC.

Glad to see you always keeping up with the competition. (y)