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I Still Have A Job!!


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May 11, 2002
Royal Oak, Michigan
Today GM announced that were going to have a new product here!!!! Until today it looked like Lordstown would be done after the 2004 cavalier. But now we are gauranteed a small car. Probably something from Chevrolet similar to a tracker. If they decide to continue the cav in 2005 it will prob go to Mexico.
That is good news indeed for you and your fellow employees (y)
Good To hear...We love the GM insider POSTs

Thanks guys, glad to give something back to the site that has given soo much to me :love:

GM is going to spend $500 million :eek: upgrading our plant to produce this new small car in 2004/5. It sounds like it's going to be some type of small efficient suv/crossover.
One thing though :-X It's gonna have to be as good a seller as the cavalier & sunfire or else GM is gonna get screwed by CAFE regulations. :rolleyes:
And you all know what that means - raise the price of the "gas guzzeling" trucks and suvs :8:
Congrats on keeping your job my friend.....I'm pretty sure that chevy will be able to come up with something just as popular...as long as its feasible to most car buyers in the world today... :B:
Yeah that's what we all thought, until the big Aztek mistake. :rolleyes:
They're better looking now though.

BTW - Aztek will be getting a big makeover any of you didn't know
GM TO BUILD NEXT GENERATION SMALL CARS AT LORDSTOWN, OHIO PLANT .... GM is preparing for the production of its next generation small passenger car with a $500 million investment into its Lordstown, Ohio manufacturing complex. The facility's assembly and stamping plants will be renovated to accommodate production of the new vehicle, which is scheduled to begin in late 2004.

"GM's investment in Lordstown signifies that GM will continue to aggressively compete in the very important, small car segment," said Gary Cowger, president of GM North America.

GM will announce specific product information at a later date.

Lordstown Assembly currently builds the Chevrolet Cavalier and Pontiac Sunfire small cars. Lordstown Metal Center stamps sheet metal parts for Lordstown Assembly and several other assembly plants.

Congrats on the continued employment. It sure helps to keep you in you mod habit. Keep the insider posts coming, very informative.
Hey, any word on the future of the Pittsburgh Plant? I just made apprentice electrician here last year and don't want to have to transfer/move to Lordstown. :cry:(no offence, but I like Pgh!) I just tagged an Avalanche this week, and I'm praying I get confirmation this week for one. (I hope in Indigo Blue, Z71 with every option there is. :love:) Any word if the 0% 60 month will be extended past Sept 3? ;D
Some info regarding our product here in Lordstown. I believe we are the largest producing auto facility in the U.S., and probably the world.

Cavalier Pulls Away From Rivals

DETROIT -- College students and elderly women. It's not a line from the latest Nashville twanger, rather an unlikely pairing that's teaming up to make an unsung hero of General Motors Corp.'s most popular car.

In August, sales for the Chevrolet Cavalier zoomed 90.4 percent over August 2001, and through the first eight months of the year, sales are up 15.2 percent.

Indeed, the trusty little entry-level car is even outselling the popular Ford Focus by about 17,000 vehicles for the year, but still lags behind the Honda Civic by about 35,000 vehicles.

"I'm almost out of '02s and the '03s aren't here yet," said Brian Tellier, sales manager at Jefferson Chevrolet in Detroit.

At face value, the Cavalier's level of overachievement should be confounding considering the aging Cavalier does not induce blood pressure-challenging emotions or visceral reactions from insiders and consumers.

And while the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus, Dodge Neon and other rivals have been overhauled in recent years, the Cavalier hasn't enjoyed a significant face-lift since the mid-1990s.

"It isn't an aspirational vehicle. It's reliable," said Jim Hall, vice president at industry market research firm AutoPacific in Southfield.

After checking out a Saturn coupe and Ford Focus, Bill and Anne Filipp of Shelby Township decided on a 2002 Cavalier with electric sunroof for one reason -- value and a $2,500 cash rebate.

The indigo blue coupe will join three other vehicles in the Filipp household and be driven by Anne and their two sons, ages 16 and 19.

"The $11,500 price was right for a car that was nice. And I insisted it be sporty," said Bill Filipp, an engineer at Visteon Corp. "GM makes a good car, too."


Cavalier marketing director Mary Larson says the recipe for the Cavalier's newfound success is one part value, a pinch of power and a dollop of design representing its first significant refreshening since 1995.

"GM has been supporting it with product updates," Larson said.

A sport model was introduced for 2002 that included a ground effects package and 16-inch chrome wheels. A bright yellow paint job that Larson says stopped people in their tracks is being offered, too.

"Young people took parents into dealers and said 'I'd like one of those please,' " Larson said.

Ride and handling have been improved, along with an updated front and rear styling.

"If you look at all the parts we've changed over the last few years, you virtually have a new vehicle," said Mark Hogan, group vice president in charge of advanced vehicle development at GM. "We're very pleased and surprised by how strong it's selling."

Putting $3,000 on the hood hasn't hurt either, both Hogan and Larson admit.

"Pricing and promotion and incentives play into that for every manufacturer. It's helped us as much as everybody else," Larson said.

The cash rebate available for 2003 models however has been reduced to $2,000, but no-interest financing is also available.

None of Cavalier's main competitors has incentives that rich. There's $1,000 or no-interest financing available on the Dodge Neon and Ford Motor Co. recently sweetened deals on the Focus with a 100,000 mile, five-year power train warranty on 2003 models, in addition to a choice of a $500 cash rebate or low-interest financing.

There are no incentives on the Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra or Toyota Corolla.


While for GM pricing is just one reason for the Cavalier's popularity, dealers and analysts say it's the main reason.

"You put three grand on the hood, well, three grand sells cars," said Scott Montgomery, sales manager at Les Stanford Chevrolet in Dearborn.

AutoPacific's Hall is just as blunt about the reasons for the Cavalier's hot streak, despite an onslaught of new competition from new small vehicles such as the Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe, and restyled rivals such as the Corolla and Civic.

"They're incentivizing the hell out of it," Hall said.

In August, 84.9 percent of all Cavalier purchases involved a cash rebate with an average transaction price of $13,393, according to an analysis by J.D. Power and Associates.

About 59 percent of Ford Focus purchases in August involved a cash rebate with an average transaction price of $14,750, according to the study.

The average transaction price for Honda Civic, which carries no cash rebate, was $15,689.

Even so, consumers at both ends of the age spectrum but in similar financial situations are finding more than price to like about the Cavalier.

"For elderly women, it's small and easy to handle, plus they have antilock brakes and air bags," said Bryan Satterlee of Holiday Chevrolet in Farmington.

Younger buyers on a budget like the Cavalier for its price, but stylish extras are available. "You can also get a spoiler and CD player. They put a little lipstick on the car," Montgomery said.

Although the Cavalier is far from a profit-maker for a company struggling to make money on small cars and fatten its bottom line, it's a very important one for GM and its dealers.

"Historically, evidence shows Cavalier brings people into Chevrolet," Larson said.

The car is also bringing in customers who might not have previously considered buying a GM vehicle, along with helping to retain those turning in a leased vehicle.

"They're staying with Chevrolet and GM," Larson said.

Small cars, while not moneymakers, are important to automakers in meeting federal fuel economy standards, according to Hall.

The combination of a freshened design and competitive pricing will help Cavalier hang onto its long-running success, said Satterlee of Holiday Chevrolet.

"Cavaliers always sell well. There's never been a down period