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I Watched It Shatter...


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Apr 17, 2002
Elk Snout, Oregon, USA
I needed to get the rest of the firewood out of the back, so I let the tailgate down and popped the drivers side, release for the 1st top panel.

My wife asked me to help her with something for a second so off I went. Upon returning I started pulling the pieces of wood out the open back and tossed them into a pile.

With the last piece out, I checked for stray bark and debris in the bottom crack. Nothing there so I lifted the tailgate. ?I remember being told to make sure and shut it solidly so that there is a positive lock, so I always give it a little extra push closed. When the tailgate was within 6 inches of being closed, I saw the glow-in-the-dark tip of the release handle sticking out. ?:eek: Nothing I could do in that split second but listen for the crunch.

?CRACK ! ! !

The tailgate bounced back down into my palms and the glow-in-the-dark tip now fell down in two clean pieces. :cry: ?Bummer.

So check your tips before closing, lest you too suffer the same fate.
Big Bummer!

Maybe you can buy just the handle or handle assembly to fix her up......

BIG Note to self...Check panel handles prior to closing Tailgate....
I did the same thing but I guess with a bit less force . . no damage done. Ya do gotta check those latches before shutting the gate!

Shouldn't cost too much to get a replacement cover for the latch handle . . . unless they don't sell it separately from the entire handle :mad:
Sorry for your loss PDX! Chevy...are you listening? Sounds like a re-design is in order here! :6: I hate it when things like that happen! :9:

There is just something about slamming that tailgate that doesn't seem quite right.

If you were closing it normaly you probably would have noticed the handle and not broke it.

So it's really not your fault after all. See if your dealer will replace the handle. Tell him that I said it wasn't your fault.