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If You Were To Buy A 03 1500, What Option Would Be



I am evaluating the purchace of an 1500 AV, I have some ideas to what options I want but this group have some better ideas.

I can purchase any stock AV I want with any options I choose. So, I want to make sure that the AV I buy will be the right one for all my needs.

I will be trailering a 6000lb boat and it will be used as my daily drive(110 miles a day).

So, performance and towing is what I am looking for. I just want to make sure that I get every option to make this ride the best it can.

Thank you all for your generous thoughts, this will help in my decision process.

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So far here is my options list, and ideas of thoughts to my choices?

North Face Edition, comes with the Z-71
- Assisted steps
- Soft tonneau
- Sunroof
- Drivers Convience Package
- Rear axle 4.10
* I have the hard covers and love them.
* Driver's convenience package is great with the steering wheel radio controls, DIC, etc.
* I probably wouldn't have ordered the premium leather seats (6-way adjustable) but now that I have them I'm sure glad they're there! Very comfortable.
* Roof rack is nice. Looks good too!

Hard to pick individual things out - it is just such a nice truck.
Welcome to the site! ...

I agree with irontrain ..... avoid the Soft cover at all costs .... they say it is very easy go hook up in the summer but when it is cold ... forget it! ....

I went with:

assist step
Driver convience package ....
3.73 rear end ...
z-71 package .... love the 17 inch tires .... major ride difference from the 16's IMO ...
Cloth ....

not sure if you want the 4.10 ... will lower you gas mileage compared to the 3.73 ...
I plan to purchase withing the next 30 days, so by the time the GTG arrives I will be there with my new toy.

I am still on the fence with the color, wife wants black, I'm undecided.

As far as the 3.73/4.10 issue I have read alot of posts on the subject and it looks like if the foot pounds the same on the throttle that I may only see a 1 mpg difference ant the most.
Colors aren't my concern yet, to me they all look good. Wife wants black because it makes a statement of class to her, but I see that is also adds clean-up duties to my schedule.

Anyway, I am working with a dealer, where I get the AV at invoice, so I may not have a choice in color. As long as I get my options and a 03 I'm happy.
Welcome to the club and congrats on your choice of vehicles. I also have Black ;D only options I miss are sunroof and luggage rack. My Av has the cloth bench seats so we can handle 6 people in the cab instead of just 5. Has come in handy a few times already.
I just realized that the North Face Edition does not come with the heated seats, now I have to option out the acquivelant.
I also tow a boat on a regular basis, but went with the Z-66 package. North face Z-71 is nice if you plan on off-roading. the self-leveling rear with locking axle and traction control all have made my towing feel much better. I would go with the 4:10 gears and the hard covers as others have stated. I drive mine everyday in the city and highways and love the ride of the Z-66. Never had trouble at a ramp pulling out so 4X wasn't ever a factor for me. Any color will do. I also got the full leather seats, and the bun heaters have sure come in handy this past winter. First time I ever had such luxuary, but you only live once. Best of luck and welcome to the club. Watch out for that Mod bug running amock ???
Seeing as your trailer is #6000, I think the 4.10's are a wise choice. The North Face Edition is an excellent choice, but I'm a bit biased here. I don't believe you can get the NFE package with the soft tonneau. Some have added heating elements to their non-heated seats. JP Customs is a site sponser here and sells these kits.
Yes I have the heated seat and I love them even my grandpa that is 69 years old loves them he said he wants them for his motorhome because they are so nice, I have every option and the only two I wish I did not have/need is the Assist Steps, and the engine block heater I hope you AV hunting goes well

BTW YELLOW ALL THE WAY ;D but like you said I like all the colors not such thing as an AV that looks bad
The one thing I couldn't live without is the assist steps. I wouldn't have ordered them, but they were on my Av at the dealer. Now I use them all the time, and I am 6'2". I can't imagine washing the truck very often without them, although there are ways. Shorties have trouble getting in without them. Look at my signature and you'll see I have just about all the options, and I love them all, but the steps are a must have, IMHO. (y)
One thing I did not see mentioned is the XM radio. I don't know how local radio is where you live, (here in Hartford area it sucks), but I love the XM. You did say a 110 mile drive each day. Poor music makes for a lousy drive (in my opinion).

Good luck
I'd say if you're looking to trailer 6K, the only option you'll really REALLY appreciate (for towing) is the 4.10's.

I tow about a thousand pounds less than that, and love the gearing.
Thank you all, I think I got it now. I am now evaluating what mods I need to evaluate. I won't modding to crazy I have a boat to remodel and house as well.
If you are even slightly considering the XM radio, GET IT!
I did not really have much interest in it, until I spent 2 weeks in a company truck that has all the stations on ( promo period I guess). I am completely sold on it now. Crystal clear quality, lots of selections, and love the comedy stations. I think this is one option that would really sell itself once a person has a chance to really experience it.
Good luck..
I agree with the others to go with the hard covers. It offers the extra security when stowing your boating gear.

When I purchased mine, I was on the fence about the XM radio. I liked the idea and the 100+ stations. But I wasn't crazy about the $325ish price tag. Now I have it, I am very glad I purchased it. In addition to the music, there is a great selection of News stations.

The heated seats are great if you live in a cold climate and the seating position feature is great if more than one person drives the Av. I thought it was the dumbest feature when I bought my first car that had it, but I have changed my mind. Neither of those items are available in the North Face package.
I agree with everone about the xm, it really makes the drive so much better. When i ordered my AV somehow i forget to get the roof rack :-[ , Thats one thing i do wish i had
definatly leave off the plastic on the body looks so much cleaner the xm is definatly a must with the towing you want to do the extra power of the lower gears will definatly make up for the loss of milage and i may be biased but i would definatly go with the yellow i jokingly said to my wife you should be safer in this nobody can say they didnt see you but after pasing her on the road going the other way i am starting to think it was a true statement
Thank you, Skidd, for moving my post. Sorry if it was posted incorrectly. I just thought my original post was less concerned with the towing capability than this one, so I tried to start my own thread so I could ask my own questions, but I see some of them have been answered here.

I'm also within a few weeks of being ready to order a new Avalanche (Z71). ?I'm not too thrilled with the high payments, so I'm considering going almost bare-bones on the truck and adding after-market options later, or even looking at a used 2002.

I'm somewhat handy with building computers, and power tools are pretty easy to fiddle with, but I'm scared to death to mess up a $40,000 vehicle!

How hard is it to install a different head unit?
What about replacing the cloth seats with Katzkins leather?
Should I get the factory assist steps, or would I save money by looking elsewhere?
Including the cost of installation of such items, would it be cheaper to stick with factory-installed options, or would you recommend purchasing after-market and try to install them myself?

I LOVE the style of the North Face Edition leather seats, but I've read on this board where folks prefer Katskins replacements. ?Anyone with the North Face Edition have an opinion? ?I now see that NFE doesn't include bun warmers; how difficult to install? ?(Essential in Minnesota!)

As for the audio system, I don't want a "thumpin' " ride, and I can't tell enough of a difference between most speakers or stereos. ?I do want function a multi-disc changer, and would prefer MP3 capability (although I may have a Music Keg in the works, so that would not be a top concern). ?Can I get just as good of a stereo after-market for the same or lower price (including installation!) than what Chevy charges? ?Or should I just stick with the Bose? ?Can I hook up something like the music Keg to another head unit to control it without having to add another set of controls to the dash?

I'd also like to add a backup camera ASAP. Would one of the head units with the fold out screens that I've seen work with that? ?Or should I just plan to mount a screen in the visor anyhow?

And what about the rear axle ratio thing? ?I know NOTHING about what effect it has, although I believe someone mentioned one was better on gas mileage.

Any and all advice is tremendously appreciated!

I have the NFE and am quite happy with the leather seats. In my 2002 they are not heated, and I don't really miss that. When test driving Avs, I found myself turning the heat off within ten minutes.
Z71 for 4x4 and better shocks and Dark tinted windows (only way to get those).
Driver convenience package (all the good toys and the climate control!)
Security package - side airbags and OnStar
Assist steps - trust me, I didn't think I even wanted for a second, but...
Towing package - of course!
The 8-way full leather seats - the adjustable lumbar and bolsters are WONDERFUL.
Sunroof - essential as the perfect vent if you smoke!
4.10 with what you're towing - no brainer.
Hard covers - no brainer.
Steelheadchaser said:
I have the NFE and am quite happy with the leather seats. In my 2002 they are not heated, and I don't really miss that. When test driving Avs, I found myself turning the heat off within ten minutes.

Thanks for the info on the seats, Steel! Still wondering if I can add heaters later, tho.
Steelheadchaser said:
I have the NFE and am quite happy with the leather seats. In my 2002 they are not heated, and I don't really miss that. When test driving Avs, I found myself turning the heat off within ten minutes.

same here .....love the nfe....possibly already have my truck sold looking already at ordering a 2004 .................................lee ;D