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I'll Leave The Comments To You Guys!!!.....

Hey, when I was a little brat growing up, my nickname was "Butch". So is it ok if I feel that I'm still Butch enough to drive my wife's Avalanche. :D
Why are you on that site/thread.....?

or maybe i don't want to know.......

OK so I will ask - how or why was this found and put here? Someone has too much time on their hands between surgery ;) :) :D
OK then it looks like I'm in trouble...

The ultimate gay guy car is not one particular model but a type: any grossly oversized 60s? convertible. Pure camp, pure gay.


For lesbians, it's easy. Hands? down, the new Chevrolet Avalanche. This thing looks like a movie prop from a post-apocalyptic Mad Max movie. There are NO men, gay or straight, butch enough to drive one of these.

So I have it twicw as bad as any of you... guess I had better go and tell the missus. :6:
The website is cartalk.com. You know, Click and Clack, the Tappet brothers from NPR?

Skidd, what can I say? ;D